High Protein Foods That Can Prevent Various Bone Problems

There has been a rise in health problems that are related to the bones. It can be due to various reasons but the most common one is our diet. The amount of processed foods we eat daily is depriving us of all the nutrients our body requires. We ignore such things due to our busy routines but this can turn out to be a bigger issue for our future.  Powdered bone broth is one of the healthiest and nutritious diets that can keep your body healthy and active.

There are countries that don’t have enough food to support their normal health, but in a country like the US and UK. These bone-related issues are a major alarming situation. It will get worse if we keep on ignoring them. So in order to prevent such issues from showing up, you have to change the current diet of yours.

It can be difficult to do so because your body is already adapted to the current routine. It will be difficult at the start but as time will pass your body will start adapting to this new routine. Including foods that are high in protein and calcium is a must for people who are already facing bone-related issues.

These following foods are what you need in order to maintain healthy bones and muscles. If you are a vegan and worried about your protein intake then this article will cover that as well.

List of High Protein Foods

Here are the 3 high protein foods that should be a part of your life.


The one that topped our list is bone broth, the reason why it’s on the top is because you can guess it by its name. Bone broth is cooked on a slow heat for 17 to 18 hours and it contains a wide variety of healthy nutrients. Bone broth is rich in protein, which is vital for your bone health. Almost 50 to 60 percent of our bone structure is made from protein.

It is also rich in calcium that is another important nutrient that helps in building strong and healthy bones. Combining these two together will prevent various bone problems. Especially osteoporosis and that is a common issue of the current generation. Some prefer powdered bone broth because of their busy daily routine, and it can be a good alternative of bone broth.

Bone Broth


Now I am not talking about regular meat, consuming that is also healthy but we want to stay away from foods that can potentially aid in our weight gain. So eating lean meat or chicken breast can help us in keeping our bones healthy. Most fitness trainers prefer eating lean meat rather than regular one.

Lean meat is low in carbs but contains a high amount of protein in it. Apart from making our bones strong, it can also help in making the tendons even more stronger. This helps in keeping our bone structure intact. It contains nutrients that can give other benefits as well. Such as better digestion and improved muscle strength.


This one is especially for those who don’t prefer to eat meat or are vegan. You can consume coffee and nuts in order to fulfill your protein intake. The coffee that you should consume in this case will be protein coffee, it contains high amount of protein and collagen. These nutrients are important in making our bone healthy and strong.


Another beneficial food for bones is nuts. You can eat all sorts of nuts that are high in protein and contain healthy fats. The most prominent benefit of consuming nuts is that it doesn’t make you fat. In fact, it will support your weight loss as well. Nuts like walnut and almonds keep you full and they take time to digest. This way they can treat your untimely cravings and support weight loss.


Including these foods into your daily diet of even in your weekly diet can help in preventing various bone health issues. The most common cause of weak bones is our unhealthy diet that needs to be changed. An unhealthy diet leads to weight gain and that is another reason for weaker bones. Our bones lose their density when we lose or gain weight. So it is important for us to maintain a good healthy weight in order to keep our bones healthy.

Use powdered bone broth to make soup and lean meat to get an extra amount of protein. Coffee and nuts can keep you warm and active throughout the day.

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