HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

In the Covid situation, focus on strengthening the virtual communication system has become important. Other industries, the healthcare sector is incorporating modern communication systems to boost its efficiency. One important aspect of healthcare communication is HIPAA compliance. Want to learn more about it? Fret not! In this article, we shall discuss in depth about HIPAA compliant secure messaging healthcare app for doctors and the healthcare industry. Keep reading!

Secure Health Chat App For Healthcare Industry

A health chat app has many benefits attached to it for doctors and the healthcare industry as a whole. Let us discuss some of them in this section. 

  1. Hospital Messaging System For Medical Staff

    A secure health chat application helps the medical staff to maintain a transparent network of communication. Emergencies situation any medical staff can get in touch with any member, at any time and location. This helps boost the efficiency of the work flow of the healthcare industry. 

  2. Quick Consultations & Follow Ups

    A secure messaging healthcare app enables patients to chat with a healthcare professional even from a remote location. The patients can schedule their consultation and appointment without having to stand in long hospital queues. Healthcare chat app provides patients to instantly follow up with their doctors as needed in a min. 

  3. Robust Doctor-Patient Communication

    Privacy is one of the major priorities for people using chat apps these days. A confidential chat app empowered by HIPAA compliance helps win patient trust as they can securely share their medical files without the fear of losing any personal data. Secure the chat between patient and doctor, the stronger the communication. 

Things To Expect From An Efficient Health Chat App 

Have you been planning to build a hospital messaging system for doctors and the healthcare industry? Well, you need to make sure that the application has all the modern chat features to ace the new-age communication expectations of medical staff and doctors. 

One of the top features that you should definitely include in your app is the functionality to instantly message.  Healthcare communication apps should enable doctors, physicians, nurses, and other medical staff to quickly message each other regarding important health care tasks. The app should provide them with the feature to securely transfer files containing crucial patient data or reports.  

To boost enhanced patient care, you can consider including a group chat feature in your app. This can help medical professionals to seamlessly discuss complex medical conditions with each other and come up with best treatment solutions.  You can consider designing an intuitive UI as it helps organize patient records better. Doctors and medical staff can easily share patient reports and get quick replies, and maintain a smooth workflow. 

Some more functionalities that you can integrate in your healthcare chat app:

  • Voice calling
  • Video calling & conferencing
  • Image sharing 
  • Push notifications 
  • End-to-end encryption & much more 

Secure Messaging For Healthcare Industry

Establishing secure messaging for healthcare is utterly important. 

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. An efficient HIPAA compliant chat api helps you ensure data privacy and avoid data breach incidents. The HIPAA Security Rule provides a set of security standards that tend to protect electronic protected health information.

Establishing a secure hospital messaging system is by making your application GDPR compliant. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The healthcare professionals to leverage patient health data for diagnosis and ensuring medical efficiency. 

Secured communication gives way to patient satisfaction and helps in establishing a meaningful connection with your patient. 

Secure Healthcare Communication Apps Functionalities

Digitalization has revolutionized the way healthcare is conducting communications in present times. An efficient healthcare app can help top virtual communications and strengthen the workflow environment. Let us look into some of the best benefits of getting a healthcare app for yourself: 

  1. Quick Chat

    Healthcare app helps medical professionals instantly connect with each other. Given present socially distant pandemic times, chat apps can be one of the best sources for enhancing the quality of healthcare.  With instant text message, voice call, video conference, and media file sharing, patient care can be made  quick and more efficient even in a remote set up. 

  2. Group channels & chats

    Healthcare professionals can utilize the group chat and channel feature to successfully collaborate with each other and discuss advanced medical solutions.  You can make a channel for medical staff belonging to the same department or a channel for specific patients to offer intensive care to them. 

  3. Call-to-action texts

    Call-to-action  buttons in healthcare apps allow doctors to send messages just with a click of a button. Some of the popular CTA buttons include, ‘Accept patient’, ‘Join Team’, ‘Confirm Appointment’, and many more. Such features allow for fast responses and help in task automation, thereby boosting work efficiency. 

  4. Location sharing

    With a geo-location sharing feature, app users can share their live locations with other app users. This feature enables hospital control rooms to track on-call medical staff.  It allows doctors to access support from colleagues from other departments. 

  5. Contact list

    Hospital messaging system has a contact list feature with filters to reach the right contact. App users simply need to type the requirements in department, shift, location, and others. 

  6. Emergency signal feature

    Today’s modern day healthcare chat app comes with an emergency signal feature that allows you to form emergency chat rooms.  It allows all medical professionals to join a group chat and get access to all the crucial information that can accelerate patient care and treatment. 

  7. Remote consultations

    A  Healthcare app for patients helps them get in touch with a doctor with just a click of a button. There is equitable healthcare for all and patients staying even in the remotest corners of the world can access healthcare.  They can send messages, voice notes, conduct video consultations with doctors. Modern healthcare apps offer patient secure messaging.  Now you can consider having end-to-end encryption for your app. 

  8. Patient bookings

    An efficient healthcare chat app allows patients to book appointments online conversations with doctors. This, in turn, gives way to quick patient care and boosts patient satisfaction. 

CONTUS MirrorFly – Secure Messaging For Healthcare Industry 

MirrorFly is a top healthcare communication API & SDK that has connected over 1 million patients, doctors and medical professionals through a single chat solution.  The suite of comprehensive chat features are 1-to-1 chat, video/audio call conferencing, HIPAA compatibility, health report sharing.

MirrorFly enables patients to communicate directly & privately with doctors in real-time. It also allows you to scale video calls globally & across devices and facilitates rich media sharing. 


We hope our article helped you comprehend all the nuances revolving around secure messaging for the healthcare industry and doctors. Now, wait no more! Take your step towards building a robust healthcare ecosystem for enhancing patient care and satisfaction. Plan your secure hospital communication today!

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