How and Where Granite Is Used

An ingenious rock by nature, Granite is one of the hardest and most prestigious natural stones. Some of the finest bridges, buildings and architectural constructions have granite at the heart of their constructions. The stone’s durability and visual magnificence is legendary and happen to be the main reasons for all the unending admiration it has received from all over the world since ages. Besides its legendary outdoor use, granite is one stone that is also used indoors extensively in the form of countertops and slabs. Kitchens and living room area are two favorite indoor spots where granite finds extensive usage.

It must be known that granite has two main components, feldspar and quartz mainly. Moreover, it has grains large enough to be visible to the naked eye. The stone’s use in the form of granite tiles & pavers on patios, driveways, walkways, swimming pool decks and pathways is known well but granite is used extensively elsewhere also and given below are few of those usages:

  • Granite is used in curling balls and gym walls for training mountain climbing. The stone is used to make staircases as it is robust enough to endure wear and tear. It is also a great option for tables and shelves, as not only does the stone add a bit of natural beauty to your abode but when shapes with fabricators, add great value to any space in the form of shelves.
  • Pavers made from Granite are a popular material for walkways, as just like staircases, granite walkways are strong enough to handle all the wear and tear that generally happens.
  • Granite backsplashes ideally complement granite countertops. Granite slabs are known to provide breathtaking beauty to any home, and thus incorporating them is always on every home owner’s agenda. Doing this also helps highlight the beauty of the material.
  • The stone, though unknown to some, is also known to design and develop jewelry. Since the stone is amazing and beautiful, it is used in the form of gemstones.
  • Fireplace mantle and flooring is one area where granite finds extensive usage. Its durability and visual appeal ensure that fireplaces constructed from the stone look spectacular to the hilt.
  • Tabletops, basins, shelves and bathroom sinks are other usages of granite. Elegant, as a word if it may be used to define granite, fits the bill aptly. Moreover, the strength and the durability of the stone make it even more acceptable. Granite shower walls are a great option for your home, as with proper sealing, the stone becomes water resistant.
  • Some of the most long-lasting structures around the world have been built using granite, the likes of temples, gravestones and monuments heavily using the stone. The K2 Azurite Granite found in the Himalayas is the most popular gemstone amongst all forms of granite.
  • Fireplace mantles and flooring is another area where granite gets used heavily. They look more attractive and especially when surrounded by friends and family, you tend to enjoy it more. Those prone to allergies will enjoy being around such surfaces because granite happens to be bacteria resistant. Moreover, the fact that it is easy to clean makes it even more endearing. The under-mount sink, angular basin, modern and pedestals sink are some of the various types of sinks that granite can be used to build, which are water resistant as well as easy to maintain.

If you happen to be based out of Australia, then it is suggested that you contact the nearest Granite Supplier in Sydney for more on Granite Tiles & Pavers and the various shapes, sizes and textures in which the stone is available in order to fulfill your paving demands.

Summary: These are some of the various usages of granite found across the world in addition to the stone being used in the form of tiles & pavers for outdoor paving.

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