How are Distribution Transformers Different from Other Transformers

Although a number of transformers are available on the market today mostly the best transformer used by the power delivery industry is a distribution transformer. Distribution transformers are a kind of step-down transformer that lowers the high voltage coming from the power plant to a lower value so that the electrical power can be easily transmitted further down the line.

Thus, before the electric current is transmitted to the circuit through the control line, they have the final voltage transition. If you want to gather information and buy these distribution transformers then you should research and opt for the best distribution transformer manufacturer Companies in India.

Types of Distribution Transformers-

There are two types of distribution transformers available with the distribution transformers manufacturer that are dye type transformers and liquid transformers.  The dry type distribution transformers are known for their extensive use in applications involving safety and fire protection while the liquid flow transformers are known for their compact size and robust power delivery capacity.

But all of these types of transformers have their own ways of being cool. For core cooling, dry-type transformers provide internal convection airflow whereas liquid transformers use thermal conduction through the tank walls to extract heat.

How are distribution transformers different from other transformers?

According to distribution transformer manufacturers, all transformers are the same and used in industries but Distribution transformer is the most demanded because of certain specialty-

  • Requirements

    Distribution transformers are widely used in applications with power requirements up to 10 MVA but other transformers are designed for applications with power requirements greater than 10 MVA.

  • Function

    Distribution transformers are used to decrease voltages from high to low levels but other transformers are used to increase voltages from low to high in the power distribution field.

  • Airflow

    Distribution transformers are cooled by thermal conduction or internal airflow convection but other transformers are cooled by high insulation speeds.

Now you are in a great position to determine the transformer you will like for your power generation applications as you know in-depth more about the distribution transformers and its types and how they also vary in their implementations and uses. The best distribution transformer manufacturer Companies in India is the one-stop destination for you where you can get all forms transformers in India regardless of the transformer you may require.

Difference between Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer:-

  1. Power transformers are used in high-voltage transmission networks while distribution transformers are used in lower-voltage distribution networks.
  2. Power transformers are available in the market in various ratings of 400 kV, 200 kV, 110 kV, 66 kV, 33 kV, and distribution transformers are available in 11 kV, 6.6 kV, 3.3 kV, 440 V, 230 volts.
  3. The power transformer is operating at a full load because the load fluctuation is very low, but the distribution transformer is operated at a lower load than the load fluctuation is very high.
  4. Power transformers are designed for maximum efficiency of 100, while distribution transformers maximum efficiency is calculated between 50–70% and all-day efficiency.
  5. Power transformers are installed at power generating stations and transmission substations, and distribution transformers are installed at distribution stations.
  6. The size of the power transformer is compared to the distribution transformer which is very large.

Including all differences, there are many different in distribution and power transformer. The difference is category factors like the type of network is used, installation location, and usage either for low voltages or high voltages. The various ratings in which the power and the distribution transformers are available in the market. Swastik copper provides both types of the transformer at the best price.

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