How Bed & Breakfast Has Made Vacation Accommodation Better in Charleston

This is no secret that Charleston is one of the best vacation destinations in the country. It is a perfect destination for anyone who loves the architecture and history of the colonial era. The whole Charleston vibe is that of history, romance, excitement and best of all, the beauty. There are so many things to see and explore that you will simply fall in the love with the place. Which is why people keep coming for more again and again.

Now, bed and breakfast in Charleston SC has become a popular option of accommodation. It wouldn’t be fair to compare the service with other options like hotels and vacation homes. But Charleston bed and breakfast services definitely offer a unique experience like no other.

Many visitors are now opting for the B&B experience, because it’s unique and actually enriches the whole experience. If you have visited Charleston and stayed in a hotel, this time try a Bed & Breakfast for a change. You will surely love it.

Need more convincing? Here are some unique aspects of Charleston SC bed and breakfast services:

Historical Accommodation Style & Décor

The most obvious thing about a Bed & Breakfast in Charleston is that the rooms are designed to replicate décor of the colonial era. If you are looking for some “Gone with the Winds” vibe, bed and breakfast in Charleston SC is for you. Not just any type of B&B, Charleston has this unique aura that can makes it something special and memorable. Every place has its unique charm and Charleston has its unique aura.

Staying in B&B in Charleston is an excellent alternate to hotels stays. Many people love staying in the restored old historical homes. Many of the houses, and buildings are more than a hundred-year-old. But they haven’t lost their charm or comfort. Most of the homes have been restored to make it even more charming & comfortable for the guests.

What you will love the most about the bed and breakfast in Charleston SC is the rooms. They are usually decorated with colonial era furnishings, which includes the stunning architecture and décor. The beds, closets, tables, chairs, lamps, curtains and other things are set exactly to make the room like it belongs to the bygone era. If you are a history buff or love Jane Austin novels, the historic B&B will transport you to that beautiful era. You can spend a few days feeling like you are in one of the classic novels.

Home Away from Home

Bed and breakfast in Charleston SC are like home away from home. It’s the whole vibe of the place that makes it such a wonderful alternative to hotels and other accommodation. If you are looking for something different and unique, do try the B&B in Charleston.

What makes B&B a home away from home? Almost everything. You get to live in a real house setting, and sometimes with the host family. You will be assigned a room, inside the house. Most of the B&B do have private balconies or private space where you can enjoy the amazing views. The bed, and the whole furnishing will make your stay very comfortable.

The most adorable part of B&B is that you will get to eat homemade breakfast every day. Imagine the fun and luxury of having homemade meal while you are on a vacation. Some B&B may offer lunch and dinner as well with extra cost. But the breakfast is complimentary always. That’s what the name says. You can interact with the host family and even share a meal with them. Every B&B is unique and offers different experiences.

Traditional but Modern

Charleston bed and breakfast do offer a unique historical accommodation option with all the furnishing, but it also provides modern amenities. It’s air conditioned and has heating and cooling system to make staying comfortable. You will have access to the internet, TV, and other electronic equipment. Along with that, the rooms do have refrigerator, smoke detectors, and personal concierge service. The staff will always be there to help you with everything you need.

Bed and breakfast in Charleston SC combine the aura of the Colonial era with modern amenities. You can enjoy the whole historic vibe without sacrificing your modern privileges. The whole point of B&B is to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Quiet, Private and Peaceful

Most of the time, B&B don’t cater to families. They are often designed for solo travelers or couples. If you are looking for some quiet, and peaceful time, the Charleston SC bed and breakfast is the perfect option.

B&B offers privacy and personal space where you can enjoy the stay without any hassle. Some B&B may have a personal balcony and access to pool, if they have one. The host will make sure that you stay as comfortable as you want it to be. The best part of B&B is that there are fewer guests, which means you will enjoy more quiet time than the hotels.

Since there are only few guests living in B&B at any point, the service is more efficient. They have staff to offer personalized services. There will be no rush or waiting time. You will in fact enjoy the attention they give to their guests. It is something people love about the B&B service in Charleston.

Enjoy the Local Flavor and Lifestyle

One of the things that make Charleston bed and breakfast so great is that you get to see the place through the eyes of the locals. The people here are great, and they are more than happy to share stories. You will get to enjoy the local flavor and lifestyle of the people. B&B is often run by the locals and they all have this uniqueness about them. You can actually get some good suggestions on the best things you can do in Charleston.

Some of the perks you can enjoy at B&B are organic food, locally grown food, and the amazing locally roasted coffee. You will be amazed by the whole local thing and feel like home.

The Bottomline

A bed and breakfast in Charleston are something that you should experience at least once. It will make your vacation even more interesting and memorable. It offers features that are more personal and detailed than other types of accommodation. If you are looking for something different and unique, then try a Charleston SC bed and breakfast.

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