How Can You Resolve The Email Issue?

Are you having issues with your email, or is your Email not working? Do not worry, This guide will tell you the essential information that will undoubtedly help you to troubleshoot and resolve such issues. Thus, if you are experiencing specific problems with your email, we suggest you read this guide to the end.

There could be several reasons that can cause the Email not working issue. The most common issues are account and settings issues, connectivity issues, and browsers issues.

So let’s first start with the email not working due to the AT&T Mail account and settings issue. Mail Issues Due To Account And Settings Issue

As we stated before, one of the reasons for the email not working issue could be the incorrect account settings of your email account. So try the following troubleshooting to resolve the issue:

  • Firstly check that your email settings are correct. Than, take care of the following things while checking the email settings:
    • Make sure that the email messages size limit is set up to its maximum limit.
    • Also, make certain that you are using the correct recipient email address while sending an email. If you use an incorrect recipient email address, you will certainly experience issues and error messages like Failed Delivery or Problem Found – Message Not Sent.
  • Try logging out and then sign in back to your account.
  • Examine your Spam folder to check that it does not contain any email which is not spam. Sometimes some non-spam emails incorrectly go to the spam folder, and thus users experience trouble finding it.
  • You should also check the other settings of your email account. To do so, tap on the gear icon, it will open the settings tab. Once you open the settings tab, verify the following things:
    • Firstly, check the Blocked addresses list. Please check that the Blocked address list does not contain any email address you are supposed to get an email from.
    • Also, verify the filters setting of your email account. This way, you can check that the emails are going to the correct folder.
  • Also, check that your account has not been hacked. You would notice the following things if your account is hacked:
    • You would observe some emails missing from your account.
    • You may get emails from your own account.
    • You may notice complaints regarding spam emails coming from your own email address.
    • Your email address may also display a name different from the name set by you.

So these were the account and settings troubleshoot to resolve the email not working issue. But what if the issue is occurring due to Connectivity and browser issues? So let’s troubleshoot those. Email Not Working Due To Connectivity And Browser Issue

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the Connectivity and browser issue:

  • Firstly try a different web browser to open your email than your usual web browser. So if you use the Chrome web browser to check your emails, then try firefox or internet explorer instead.
  • Now open the Settings tab or Menu of the web browser of your account and check your preferences. Make certain that the browser is accepting the cookies. And also, try to clear the cache and cookies data of the browser to resolve the issue.
  • You may also need to enable the JavaScript of your browser and make certain that they are updated. You will find the JavaScript settings in the Settings tab of the account.
  • Sometimes, the browser tools and add-ons also cause email and other internet issues. So you may have to disable them and then check if it resolves the issue.
  • Also, enable the Adobe Flash Player of your device and make sure that it is updated. If not, please update it.
  • Lastly, check the Firewall, antivirus, and Anti-spyware settings of the account. Such settings can create issues with the email and web browser. Try disabling these settings one by one and check if it resolves the issue. But you must turn these settings back on if they are not causing the issue.

So these were the troubleshooting to resolve the Connectivity and browser issues causing email issues. But the email issue could also occur due to the issues with the email programs or apps. So let’s troubleshoot for that.

If The Email Programs Or Apps Are Causing The Email Issue

A noteworthy thing before moving to the troubleshooting part is that ATT has updated its email security. Hence, if you are using a third-party email client’s app to operate your email account, you might also have to update the app settings. Now try the following troubleshooting to resolve the issue:

  • Firstly, make certain that you have a properly working and active internet connection. You won’t be able to open your emails or email account if your internet is not working.
  • Then verify the outbox folder of your email account. If you find any emails in your outbox folder, then remove them and try sending a new email.
  • Also, check the common error codes of your account to resolve the issue.
  • And lastly, verify the email client settings of your app. Please make certain that you are using the correct email client settings.

So these were all the major troubleshooting steps to resolve the email not working issue. If you still find any issues with your email after doing all the above troubleshooting steps, you can freely contact us for further guidance.

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