How Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Help Grow Subscription Services?

If used correctly, subscription products engage customers strongly. Custom printed shipping boxes prove to be an unbeatable packaging partner for subscription brands. These capture customers’ interest from the word go.

What is your business goal? Trading in the subscription industry keeps brands on their toes in being aware of the latest customer purchasing trends and making the packaging match with them. Customizing the boxes makes it viable to be in sync with dynamic customer choices.

Decoding The Subscription Industry

Subscriptions are products that customers want to get monthly or weekly. It can be anything from magazines, to food products, and wellness items. Modern buyers are educated enough to understand the options at hand. They are extremely picky when it comes to being loyal to subscription service providers. Stats say that 6 out of 10 customers constantly change their services. It could be due to various factors but the most prominent one is the packaging boxes.

Organizing, designing, and ordering custom subscription boxes can be difficult. What kind of packaging is right for the product? How to design them the best way? What about the price charged?

These are all questions that subscription brands have when planning on getting the apt boxes for their products. Since the industry is heavily reliant on shopping, the boxes must be strong at the core while effectively promoting the specific product type. Below we have outlined ways in which the boxes can be improved (and more!). We shall answer all these questions and guide you on how to maneuver your first order. So, let’s get started!

Lesson One: Analyzing Different Packaging Shapes

Corrugated stock is the most popular shipping material. Its inherent quality to absorb shocks, be crafted in various sizes, and print varied text styles have contributed to its fandom.

Crafting the boxes is not simple; there are a zillion custom shapes achievable. From top folding cartons to mailer boxes, the list is endless. Corrugated paper is flexible enough to be created in innovative shapes and sustain shipping pressures to remain in good form throughout.

When deciding on the type of packaging you’ll use, you need to think about the contents of your box i.e., the size of each product, the nature of the items, and how fragile they are. In the cases of large, sensitive items, you may have to add extra thicknesses to the corrugated stock paper.

Don’t feel stressed! There are good printing houses out there that can take the burden off you to provide just the right boxes.

Lesson Two: Cost of Box Printing

The invention of and commercial impact of custom printing has changed the way brands present themselves and the customers’ expectations from their purchases.

Once you have finalized the subscription box shape, the next step is to design them. Printing with unique patterns favoring your brand is a creative and productive way of sticking out. Brands can adjust their printing costs with the set budgets.

All types of printing styles and inks are available. Labels and stickers help small businesses to manage packaging expenses. These can be placed right on the favorite box spot for more visibility. Brands can also avail custom sleeves that provide good brand info without opting for full-fledged packaging printing. Otherwise, if you are aiming for overall custom printing, professional box designers can generate the best cost deals for you.

Lesson Three: Pick The Branding Features That Matter

When you are done determining the costs that fit your business, you are ready to start designing!

Custom printed shipping boxes offer limited space for branding. You must choose wisely as to which marketing content must be placed for maximum brand recognition.

  1. Know your primary customers. Subscription services are offered to buyers of varying ages, locations, likes, and demands. Grouping them according to their preferences and then assigning the product audience help to decide what content would grab their attention.
  2. Determine the branding features that matter to the intended customers. If you are selling wellness products subscriptions, then designing the boxes with health info and energizing designs is a good idea. These products are usually offered to the middle and older-aged buyers and must support a serious tone.
  3. Represent the brand. Yes, this matters the most! Designing must not be random. It must make sense to give a compelling brand story that encourages more subscription sales. The brand logo needs to be placed prominently so customers see it first and remember it.
  4. Attach a unique box appeal. This can be through adding laminations, coatings, die-cutting, window cut-outs, handles, ribbons, and any other custom box element.

Lesson Four: Reduce Wastages

Brands tend to waste a lot of materials when creating subscription packaging. Picking the right size and cost-effective shapes can reduce the amount of stock paper used. Businesses must also implement strategies wherein the wasted paper stock can be reused alternatively.

Professional box makers have an effective production process where the custom boxes are crafted with precision to lower the rate of mistakes and using recyclable materials. Corrugated is the best choice as it makes shipping safe, affordable, and eco-friendly. Customers too want to buy products that come in bio-degradable packaging. Being sound about material consumption works in multiple ways to save costs and foster a positive brand image.

Lesson Five: Prompt Future Subscriptions

Sending subscription boxes through shipping means that it will be the first time customers would be receiving a tangible feel of your brand. Make it count!

The many unboxing videos aren’t there for no reason; they have become one of the strongest reasons for continued subscriptions. When satisfied buyers post their experiences on social media, it earns a good repute for the brand and markets the business without spending any extra.

All these are possible when the shipping boxes are customized properly for every type of subscription item.


Now you are good to go! Investing in custom printed shipping boxes pays off well. The above guidelines would benefit subscription providers to retain existing subscriptions and influence new ones too.

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