How Do You Prepare Your Car For Shipping?

When you plan on making a trip for a short vacation or need to move to a new city, there are various things that you need to take care of. You may have your own reasons for making a move, and you might want to switch a job or get transferred in the current job to a new city, you may be a military member who has been asked to relocate to another base and many more such personal reasons.

While the reason may be any, you are required to take care of self-belongings and should be concerned about how they shall be shipped. While shipping all the other stuff is not difficult to manage, shipping a car requires a lot of effort. Everything needs to be decided very carefully from how the car will be shipped to who will ship the car. Once you have decided how it will be shipped, you may take the help of the internet to search for the best car shipping company in your city to help you make a correct and reliable decision.

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While you may have taken insurance and got assured that the car shipping company will cover any damage that occurs, you must also take up the responsibility into your hands to prepare your ride well before sending it away for shipping. When you prepare your car for shipping yourself, you upgrade your car and pick several benefits from it like;

  • It saves you a lot of time from replacing the damaged part, which might occur if you do not prepare it for shipping.
  • A car goes through many regulations like customs and other inspections. A damaged car takes a lot of time to get a clearance, and early preparation would save you all those efforts.
  • A car is an integral part of human life, and any person who puts hard-earned money on the four-wheeler ride keeps it with love and care. You cannot let the shipping procedure damage the interior or exterior of your beloved.

Few Steps To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

To stay uptight and ready for the shipping, below are given a few steps to prepare your car for shipping;

Check the level of fluids and any leakage if there

When transporting your vehicle, Fluid leakage is not just harmful to your car but also is very dangerous for the whole transportation company. Although the car shipping company makes sure that no such damage is justify uncovered before onboarding, you do not want to leave it at risk. You must always ensure it yourself before handing it over to the company that there is no breakage in the fluid pipe and if there is, you must fix it.

You must also reduce the fluid levels in the expansion tank because if there is any breakage justify uncovered, the lesser the fluid spill, the better. If your car works on the gas tank, you must get the leakage check on priority because gas leakage is even more dangerous. Less fuel in the car would also make the car weigh less, and it would cost you a bit lesser.

Check the car batteries

This step is very important. You must always check your car batteries before handing it over for shipping. The transportation guy might need to start it and roll it over while onboarding, and it might cost you more if it would not start because of the battery loss. It also puts you in a very difficult position when you reach the transportation office to pick your ride back, and it won’t even start. You might wind up in paying for a tow truck to roll your car to your new home. This would cause you more trouble than you ever imagined.

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Disable alarms and anti-theft devices

When you hand over your car to the company, you are aware that they might have to use it while onboarding and other procedures. The anti-theft devices and alarms would cause trouble and irritation to the transportation company, and the driver would be in extreme discomfort due to this.

Restricted access to the vehicle causes a huge problem for the professionals too. Although you might have solid intuitions to work against it, you must understand that they might need unrestricted access to the vehicle for any issue that might occur during transportation.

Remove all the personal belongings from the car

Your car is like a little home during short trips to you, and you feel extremely comfortable while placing personal belongings in it while on the go. But, you must always ensure that you take out all the personal belongings like documents, ornaments, electrical devices, and any other such thing. It is mostly noticed that it gets very difficult to get your personal belongings once justify in the car and if the car is handed over for shipping.

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