How Hypercoagulability (Thickening Of Blood) Affect Your Life

Hypercoagulation is associated with the thickening of the blood. In such conditions, the blood tends to clot at a much higher rate than normal. The abnormal clotting of blood can be very minacious and leads to catastrophic health problems. In the worst cases, the blood clots reach to veins of the brain, heart, kidney, and lungs and lead to a heart attack. Hypercoagulability can be inherited or acquired. When an individual is born with the abnormality of blood thickening, they are said to suffer from genetics hypercoagulation disorder. On the other hand, there are numerous causes of acquired hypercoagulability. Some of them are; smoking, obesity, excessive rest, contraceptives, and pregnancy.

As per the new studies, iron and several vitamin deficiencies can also be the reason for excessive blood clotting. Low levels of iron and vitamins in the body disturb blood flow patterns and elevate the risk of blood clots. However, the intake of iron-rich vitamin-rich foods reduces the severe effects of hypercoagulability. You can also consider iron and multivitamins supplements to prevent your blood from forming clots. Children often do tantrums to consume supplements because they don’t like their taste. You can feed them chocolate flavored multivitamins instead of plain supplements.

Risk Factors Associated With Blood Clotting

Here is the list of health problems that can arise with the blood thickening.

  • Kidney Dysfunction

If blood clots enter your kidney’s veins, it can hinder their process of flushing waste products. This may lead to increased blood pressure and kidney failure.

  • DVT

DVT is a deep vein thrombosis. It’s a very painful condition and arises when the blood clots solidify within the veins. DVT becomes extremely serious when the blood solids break into the lungs.

  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE)

It happens when the blood clot deposits in the pulmonary artery in the lungs and blocks it completely. It badly affects the lungs and decreases the oxygen content in the blood.

  • Heart Failure

Hypercoagulation can also cause a heart attack or failure.

How To Diagnose Hypercoagulation?

The physicians evaluate your medical condition and history to diagnose the hypercoagulation. They also verify the medical history of the victim’s family before performing the laboratory tests. After this doctor takes a blood test to evaluate the levels of RBCs, proteins, and clots in your blood and starts the treatment accordingly.

Following are the major symptoms of Hypercoagulation

  • Cramps and pain in thighs (usually of 1 leg)
  • Severe Chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Discomfort in back and neck
  • Regular headaches
  • Sudden speech problems
  • Fatigue and dizziness
  • Swelling of veins around legs
  • Redness and warmth in one leg
  • Discomfort in jaw

How Can Hypercoaglity Be Treated?

Here are few remedies that can help to minimize the risk of Hypercoagulation

  • The chances of blood clotting increases during long tours. Hence, you should try to stay active during long trips. Take a break and change your sitting posture in short intervals.
  • Only long journeys increase the risk of thickening of the blood, the excessive sleep and rest are also responsible for accelerating hypercoagulation. Therefore, it is necessary for people suffering from hypercoagulation to change their position every 2 hours during sleep.
  • Obesity can be another major cause of blood thickening. You should eat healthy foods to maintain a healthy weight.
  • The daily workout and exercise are also very helpful in treating hypercoagulation. It maintains cardiovascular health and strengthens the other crucial organs of the body like the kidney, brain, and lungs.
  • Compression socks or stockings are a great way to eliminate blood clotting. You can wear tight elastic socks in the lower legs to promote the blood flow and diminish the blood thickening.

Wrapping Up

By following the above tips, you can lower down the untoward effects of Hypercoagulation. However, when things get over the limit, you should take the advice of physicians immediately.

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