How Important Search Engine Optimization is for E-commerce?

Your position on search engines is not the result of chance, it depends on SEO. The better a site is placed in the results, the more it will be visited. For e-commerce, this is an important issue because an increase in visits generally means an increase in sales.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is made up of two elements: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising

SEO: A Natural Long-Term SEO 

SEO is optimization for search engines, it is natural referencing. It is similar to getting organic traffic over time but being aware of the keywords used and the search terms integrated that can push your page to the top search results.

If you use duplicate pages or content, that is to say from another site and you copy it as such on your site (an old site of yours or a competitor), the search engines will penalize you.

Be careful not to create another site and promote your main site. Google is a machine and will notice it. We must also take into account the mobile, having a mobile-friendly site is now an element taken into account in mobile referencing.

Your whole site must be accessible in a few clicks, for that our advice is to create a tree structure and to categorize your products. Besides, a site with a fast loading time will get a better position.

SEO by Google is based on two algorithms:

  • Panda which analyzes the content of the site: the titles and the meta description (the description that appears on Google)
  • Penguin who works on the power of the site, calculated according to the number of links that return towards your site. A relevant link will have more effect than a link that has nothing to do with your e-commerce. He also works on the power of pages.

There are many tools to analyze and improve your SEO, such as Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, or even Moz.

A short-term SEO

The Search Engine Advertising, unlike SEO, is a paid listing. The SEA is based on short-term advertising action. It is indeed possible to pay for Google to show your site in the first pages of results.

Paid SEO allows you to place your site well in the search engines, for that, you have to buy keywords. This purchase is based on the number of clicks. As with SEO, you need to identify the right keywords so that you do not pay for keywords that are not searched by Internet users.

The majority of keywords are purchased by several sites; the ranking is based on the amount paid for the keyword.

SEA allows for a rapid increase in visibility therefore a potential increase in sales, but a SEA campaign can be unsuccessful if you don’t choose the right keywords. For SEA there are tools such as Google Ads or Google analytics.

Whether you have a short or long term development policy, SEO is therefore a central element that should not be overlooked, otherwise, your sales will stagnate. Besides, mobile SEO is also very important.

Importance of search engine optimization for e-commerce

  1. SEO Helps Your Customers Find You

    When we talk about e-commerce we consider that paid marketing for such websites is very expensive and which can increase the overall cost of the items sold. It can also shrink the revenue of the businesses.

    This is why most of the e-commerce businesses look for ways to organically reach out to their customers. If you are in charge of search engine optimization for your business then you must delve deep into analytics.

    You must take analytics that what your customers are searching and which content you should promote to get the most of it.

    Customers rarely move to subsequent pages to look for things that they intend to buy so your e-commerce products must come in top results or at least on the first page of Google and other search engines.

  2. Organic Traffic Increases Revenue

    By availing search engine optimization services, you can decrease the budget spend on paid campaigns. In digital marketing, every click counts and you have to pay for each impression or click.

    However, through search engine optimization you can get the clicks though organic traffic which ultimately reduces your marketing spends. SEO clicks cost nothing and payback in the long term.

  3. SEO is Sustainable

    Unlike paid campaigns, SEO is more solid for e-commerce businesses and is more sustainable. Paid campaigns stop delivering the day it consumes your marketing budget threshold and on the other end SEO keeps on delivering.

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