How Plastering Makes Your Interiors Look Sleek and Stylish

Plastering is not only important in exteriors but also interiors. If you think otherwise, we are here to convince you how interior plastering is essential and how it protects your walls from daily wear and tear.

Though plastering is an ancient method and it is replaced by gypsum boards in modern days, many people still sought out this technique to have longevity and durability. As it has several benefits in modern applications, many builders recommend having all the house plastered.


How Plastering Makes Your Interiors Look Stylish

So, without any delay, let’s see how plastering makes your interiors look sleek and stylish:

  • Better aesthetics

    Plain and bland walls make your home look boring and dull. With plastering, you can turn your typical walls into something more fun, stylish, and modern. As plastering acts as a smooth base, you can get a smooth painting finish and gives your room a feeling of fullness. When you plaster the walls, you can hang your favourite wall hangings, metal art, wall clocks, etc. that make your home look rich and luxurious.

  • Varieties of textures and designs

    The only design of plastering is not just a plain finish but also has other designs like sand, pebble, scrapped, and textured finishes. For instance, in the living room, you can choose a sand texture on a part of the wall and paint it yellow and orange to give an ethereal glow to the room. Like this, you can plan for other rooms and get the stylish look that you desired to have.

  • Long-lasting appearance

    When you plaster your walls, you don’t have to fear about having the outer layer chipping off over time. When the plaster is well mixed and applied to the wall, it’s guaranteed to have the durability which you can expect. Moreover, a chemical reaction happens between the plaster material and the walls which bind together making your walls stronger.

  • Soundproof

    When you compare the plastered and un-plastered walls, you can observe the difference in the sound levels. Plastered walls absorb the sound waves making your room more pleasant and comfortable devoid of any outside noises like horns, angry people shouting, etc.

    It’s not an attribute that makes your interiors stylish but it sure does add a warm feeling to your rooms. When you have visitors, kids, or elderly people staying, the soundproof quality protects you from any unpleasantness.

  • Fire resistant

    In a kitchen, where there is more heat and flame, normal walls could easily catch fire. Whether it’s small or huge, the walls get damaged and look blackish. However, when you plaster the walls, they can repel small fires, and thus save your walls from getting tarnished. So, with plastering, you can not only protect the walls but save your house and furniture as well.

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Concerns you need to consider while plastering the walls

Like all the other things, there are some things about plastering that you should be concerned about. It’s essential to know these things before you plan for the plastering process.

  • It’s expensive

    Plastering, due to its laborious process and extra labour cost, it tends to be expensive. If you are planning for budget renovations, then plastering could quickly get you out of your planned budget. Also, sometimes, your walls may need two to three finishes other than one. It means that you have to pay accordingly to the coatings.

  • Installation takes time

    Before applying plaster, walls have to be sanded and smoothed out which produces a lot of dust. This will create a mess around your place. Also, the first coat of plaster should be dried entirely before you apply the second coat. It means that you will have to allocate sufficient time before the process gets complete. So, if you planned renovations at the nick of the moment, then plastering might not fit into your schedule.

  • Difficult to repair

    Once applied, it’s difficult to disrupt the plastered wall. However, when there is any strong blow or pressure to the wall, then the plaster may get chipped off. It’s fairly hard to fix the damaged plaster as it has to be cut and scraped out without effecting the inner wall. Moreover, the colour of the plaster slightly changes, so the newly applied plaster stands out oddly.

Well, these are things that you need to look out for before applying plaster. However, all the bad things aside, you are guaranteed to get a sleek and stylish look once you are done with the interior plastering. For an expert opinion, you can consult the top plasterers and take an overview of plastering before finalising your decision.

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