How the Hospitality Industry Should Approach Online Review and Reference

For any business who wants to do well in SEO follows a strategy. Different type of industry has its own quirks and hospitality industries are no difference among them. It is must to get online reviews for hospitality industry.

To find best restaurants, a customer first looks at the reviews online and then after reading the review online from Google Maps, Google Reviews, Yelp and other review sites like Trip Advisor, a customer becomes more ensured for the services and food quality. Therefore, this becomes important for restaurant, hotels, cafe, pubs and bars to get positive reviews to attract their customers. Here in this post, we will take a look at some recent research that highlights the hospitality industry and how important it is for them to get citations and reviews.

Here are some guidelines on how to benchmark your business against competitors and ways to get ahead in this field.

Have a good approach

As we are aware that there are a number of listing sites available for hotels and restaurants so it becomes essential for business owners to have a presence on most of those sites. It is considered a great way to market their business and considered a small ranking factor too. Based on your online visibility in these listing sites, your business becomes more visible and a number of people can know about you.  But before you increase your visibility, always remember that quality is more important than quantity. It’s necessary to make sure the hospitality online praises will bring you more customers and your business will become visible on search engines pages.

Strong business listings

Today, hospitality business listings are just not limited to phone number, address, and name but they also include the photos of restaurant interior (by owner and customers), consumer reviews, video, restaurant menu, attributes and much more.  This is a great way to post as many details about your business into these listings.

A large number of consumers won’t visit your decorated and creative website but they get information about your business from listing sites and mainly from Google My Business (GMB) listings. This is the big reason that your GMB listing should be given first importance.

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How to manage and produce great reviews of your business online

Here are a few tips and ways that will help you get started on listing sites and get great reviews.

  1. Get genuine positive reviews

If you are confident about your service and offer great quality food then a good review will reflect your business. So, instead of getting fake reviews feel confident to get positive and real reviews.

  1. Ask for particular words for review

It’s often believed that there are few keywords that must be included in reviews which can genuinely boost your business. You can ask your customers to include certain keywords based on their experience.

You can ask this by asking them these subjects – ‘Please use X word when writing reviews’ or ‘how would you rate our Y product?’ or ‘Did you think our restaurant offered you all facilities?’

  1. Respond all the reviews

Its is required Respond all the reviews even if they are fake and negative reviews or you can remove them too if you find it inappropriate.

4.  Post all reviews on social media

Post all reviews on social media handle like Instagram, you get from the listing site.

Hope, these above ways will let you get the right citation and online reviews for hospitality industry.




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