How to Answer the Behavioral Based Question in Amazon Interview

The candidates who are dreaming of getting a good job at Amazon have to go through various interview rounds. The Amazon recruiters will ask you some questions related to your field to gauge your knowledge. In addition to this, the recruiters will also ask behavioral based question.

The candidates should know how to answer these questions properly. Amazon company encourages the candidates to use the STAR-based approach to answer these behavioral-based amazon interview questions. STAR is an acronym for Situation, Task, Action, Results.

The behavioral based question are like “Tell me about the time when you have to work with the colleague who was not cooperating”. You should answer these kinds of questions by using the STAR approach so that you can properly convey your message to the interviewer. You should start by describing the situation.

After that, you should elaborate on the tasks that you had to do to achieve the objectives in the difficult situation. Then, you should describe the action you had taken. Finally, describe the obtained result. The behavioral based question would be different from the experienced ones. Thus, the candidates should search the amazon interview questions for freshers online. 

There is one more sample answer to the behavioral question i.e. “Tell me about the time when you made a mistake.”

You should start your answer by describing the situation

  • Situation

There was a time when a website I used to manage suddenly showing slow performance. Our mistake was that it was not noticed by our team until a customer reported this issue. Due to this mistake, I got to know that it is imperative to continually monitor the non-functional requirements.

  • Tasks 

I was the project manager and I immediately took full responsibility. I immediately called the engineering team to quickly resolve the issue.

  • Action

I discussed the problem and joined my team to resolve it as soon as possible. Once this problem was resolved, I ensured that this mistake does not take place again in the future by starting to use a good application management system. This system will send the email and necessary alert when the behavior of the website exceeds the pre-decided threshold level. I checked this application management system.

  • Result

After using this good application management tool, the loading time of our website was reduced to 3secinds. I shared my experience and learning with other project managers and team members.

The STAR-based approach of answering the amazon interview questions leadership principles will let the candidate successfully deliver the right information to the recruiter in a short time. The behavioral based question are based on past situations and the answers to these questions can go completely complex.

The complex answers are difficult to understand by the interviewers. The STAR-based methods can help the candidates to simply explain the situation. The candidates who will use the STAR-based method will not miss out on anything important that the interviewer should know. Also, this technique helps you to cut the long story into a short and effective one.

Tips To Properly Answer Various Behavioral Based Questions

If you want to ensure success in the Amazon interview, you have to consider the tips that are mentioned below:

  • Do Research

It is not possible to achieve your objectives without proper research. It is not possible to predict what kind of behavioral questions will be asked during the interview. But little research will give you an idea and help you to prepare for the interview. Whether you are giving a technical interview at Amazon or a non-technical interview, you should search behavioral based question. The candidate applying for software developers should search behavioral Amazon interview questions for software engineer.

  • Brainstorm Possible Situations

You should think about various possible situations in which the questions may arise. You should surf various behavioral based question online and you should prepare your story based on your experiences. If you will prepare the story in advance, then you will not face any trouble at the last moment.

  • Write Down Your Stores

Once you have gone through various behavioral questions, then you should write down your stories. If you will write your stories, then you will get a clear idea of how you have to answer the different behavioral based question. While writing your stories, you should make sure to use the STAR method. In addition to this, you should also ensure that your answers are concise and precise. The candidates applying for tech job roles should also prepare Amazon coding interview questions. 

  • Properly Study The Job Role

Amazon is known for following high standards for recruiting employees. Thus, it is recommended that you should properly read the job roles before applying. The recruiters at Amazon will ask you some questions whose main objective is to determine where you are the right fit for the company.

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