How To Balance Hormones By An Ayurvedic Doctor In Jaipur

Balance is what makes our lives healthier and happier. Excess or insufficiency of everything is terrible. This is especially the case with our hormones. The modern-day lifestyle of bad eating habits, poor quality sleep, and stress has led to hormonal imbalances.

This imbalance is the root cause of all kinds of problems and disturbs several processes of your body. Ayurveda works on restoring balance and altering your lifestyle. Your ayurvedic doctor in Jaipur will enable you to approach this issue on a holistic level. Read on to understand how.

Understanding Hormones And Their Functions

Any information needed to be delivered to your body from your mind or from your mind to your body is done by hormones. These chemical messengers, also known as connectors, are released into your bloodstream, which helps facilitate various functions. For your physical and mental processes to function correctly, a balanced hormonal flow is crucial.

There are mainly three types of hormones. One that helps in facilitating your body’s growth and development. Second, are sex hormones crucial for maintaining male and female sex characteristics? They also help with sperm formation, fertility, maintaining period cycles as well as pregnancy. Lastly, stress hormones influence your stress response and affect your body’s metabolism.

Hormonal Imbalance And Their Signs

The human body and mind function correctly when the hormones are in balance. However, there are various external and internal factors that can disturb this balance. There are reasons that may be temporary, such as childbirth, puberty, or perimenopause.

However, there are reasons that can increasingly affect this balance. These can be an unhealthy lifestyle, changes in body weight, increased levels of stress, increased body toxins, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

Noticing The Following Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance

If you notice any of these signs, it is preferred to consult an ayurvedic doctor in Jaipur. They will find a holistic solution by treating your problems and changing your overall lifestyle.

  • Feeling extreme exhaustion and having sleeping problems
  • Excessive hair fall, hair thinning as well as hair loss
  • Struggling to lose weight and gaining fat around the belly area
  • Having dry skin or skin that is prone to acne
  • Abnormal blood sugar levels and feeling cold
  • Feeling a strong desire to eat carbs
  • Excessive growth of unwanted hair
  • Lumpy breasts with fibrocystic breast or uterine fibroids
  • Periods problems such as irregular cycles, heavy flow, PMS, or painful periods.
  • Bloating and headaches
  • Loss of interest in sex or sexual desires

Causes Of Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance mainly occurs due to stress. Stress is a significant part of our life and affects us in a positive and negative manner. The negative aspect takes you downhill and stems from all kinds of problems. Other causes include toxins in our environment, food, cosmetics, etc.

Here is a list of things that can commonly cause an imbalance in your hormones:

Psychological factors such as stress and untreated trauma can majorly cause hormonal imbalance.

Food habits such as any kind of drink, such as coffee or energy drinks that contain caffeine or stimulants, as well as alcohol, can affect your hormones.

Physiological aspects such as gut problems, lack of nutrition, abnormal sugar levels in the blood, and thyroid imbalance.

Lifestyle habits such as excessive exercise, extended exposure to screens, poor sleep, etc., can create a hormonal imbalance. The usage of self-care products and perfumes can also alter your hormones.

Environmental factors such as toxins and plastics also affect hormones.

Ayurvedic Remedy For Balancing Your Hormones

The science that deals with healing in a holistic manner is known as ayurveda. It describes how three bio-energies or doshas are responsible for keeping the balance of your body. This balance, also known as Prakriti, is governed by Vata, pita, and Kapha.

Hormones, or dhatu Agni in ayurvedic terms, are influenced by the pitta dosha. This is because pitta dosha governs the chemical processes. Hormones are released into the bloodstream, also known as the rakta pitta.

An ayurvedic doctor in Jaipur will help balance your doshas that are directly connected to all kinds of problems. For your treatment, your expert will incorporate the following in your lifestyle.

As stress is a major culprit for creating the imbalance. The introduction of yoga and meditation calms your mind and releases stress.

They will also include daily exercising in your lifestyle habits to have a healthier body.

Your body needs nourishment. Any deficiency can lead to a lack of energy and imbalance. Consuming fruits, vegetables, and a balanced diet is a part of this treatment. Along with this, you are required to drink almond milk.

Usage of olive and coconut oil in your food.

Consumption of herbs such as Ashwagandha, Neem, Shatavari, etc.


Hormones maintain your body’s temperature, facilitating development and regulating metabolism and reproduction. An imbalance in the release of these hormones can affect all these processes. An ayurvedic doctor in Jaipur can help you understand and re-establish the balance for a calmer mind and healthier body.

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