How To Choose The Best Fryer Without Oil?

To take care of your diet, in addition to eating more fruit and vegetables, reducing the amount of carbohydrates and saturated fats, we have to change the way we cook food. Well, even if fried are very tasty, we all know that they are not good for health in large quantities.

Today there are many kitchen appliances that help us take care of ourselves with little effort, from a while ago, the kitchens have been filled with wok pans, steamed robots, fruit blenders that in less than 5 minutes allows you to prepare some delicious juices and many other gadgets.

The boom in the oil-free deep fryer has not yet reached its peak, but for sure most families will soon have one of these appliances. Well, in addition to offering the same characteristics as a conventional fryer, it has other functions such as baking, roasting and steaming.

The magic of this appliance is that it works like a small oven, that is, food is cooked by the heat that is emitted and by its steam output inside the compartment. This is why some models, in addition to the baking function, also offer other ways to prepare food.

With conventional fryers, foods are very greasy, so much so that when you fry something, it is usually dried with kitchen paper to remove excess fat. In addition, they splash when they are at high temperature and put the food you want to cook. Not to mention the amount of oil that is spent when cleaning and changing the container, if we calculate that the oil should be changed after about 4 uses, and a deep fryer has a capacity of about 3 liters, that means that They spend about 3 liters of oil every 4 uses. A waste of money and oil.

What is an oil-free deep fryer and how does it work?

There is no doubt that the oil-free deep fryer is a revolutionary invention and it works for a multitude of things, from preparing crispy French fries to cooking practically all types of meat and all your favorite vegetables. This oil-free fryer or also called an air fryer uses a steam and heat cooking method that makes food cook without using a drop of oil.

Although it is true that some kitchens add a tablespoon of oil so that the result is even more tasty, especially if you use extra virgin olive oil or with some seasoning.

First of all, the term “frying without oil” could be explained, since surely many users are quite skeptical when they do not conceive of frying without oil. And although they are not without reason, the truth is that you can achieve frying without oil, although not in the traditional way that we all know.

The cooking system of this fryer is by hot air, inside the appliance a jet of hot air is expelled at high temperature and pressure that cooks the food in a similar way to frying. The big difference is that this appliance does not use a drop of oil, although it can be added to give a little flavor to meals.

Features of an oil-free fryer

Not surprisingly, not all air fryers are created equal, but they all share some common elements that we must keep in mind when buying an oil-free fryer.

How To Choose The Best Fryer Without Oil

Best air fryers have been certified by the European Nutrition Commission, ensuring not only that they are safe to use, but healthier than conventional fryers. It also allows you not only to fry potatoes and frozen foods but all kinds of vegetables in a non-greasy way.

A big problem in our current society is the high consumption of unsaturated fats. It is a sad reality that we eat worse than our grandparents, because before the food was healthier and above all more natural. Nowadays, due to lack of time or simply laziness, we throw away a lot of precooked and especially frozen foods. It only takes a stroll through the frozen and pre-cooked section of the supermarket to see that the large food industries have opened up a very tempting and powerful market niche.

You can find everything from garlic and chopped onion to sautéed vegetables, rice and much more. It is easy to fall into the temptation, because the flavor of these products is very successful and it hardly takes anything to prepare them. Fried foods are not the worst thing in the world, since it depends a lot on what is fried and especially the frequency with which these foods are consumed, since the trick of a good diet is to consume a little of everything and in a balanced way.

Advantages of an oil-free fryer

Below we describe the advantages offered by these appliances in our kitchen:

The fryers without oil are very comfortable when cooking any food with them, since they do not need water or oil to use them. If some users add a few drops of oil, it is simply to enhance the flavor of the food, not to cook it.

With them it is possible to reduce up to 85% the amount of fat in the food. If you usually accompany lunch or dinner with fried potatoes and want to reduce the amount of saturated fat, this oil-free deep fryer is an excellent choice for this. Also, by reducing the amount of fat in the foods you are cooking, they do not retain excess oil, making them more balanced to maintain a diet free of saturated fats.

No odors in the kitchen. Normally, when we fry certain foods, especially fish, the kitchen is imbued with this smell and it takes a long time to leave the kitchen even if you open the windows and air the room. With an oil-free fryer, this does not happen, since the food is introduced into its compartment and when you do not use oil, it does not give off any smell. So neither the clothes nor the kitchen will smell like food.

Oil saving.  The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends changing the oil in traditional fryers approximately every 4 uses. If we consider that a common fryer has a capacity of about 2 or 3 liters that means that every 4 uses you should use on average about 2 or 3 liters of oil. This, in addition to being a food waste, is also a waste of money. Only with what you will save in oil with the air fryer, in a few months you have amortized this product.

Much cleaner and smudge-free in the kitchen. The oil-free fryer does not mess up the kitchen, since it has a compartment where food is introduced and when they are ready, you just have to remove them from the tray and serve. No more messing up oil splashes on kitchen furniture or floor after frying or cooking.

Dishwasher safe. Most oil-free fryers are separated into different parts that can be washed directly in the dishwasher, making it much easier to clean. However, before putting the parts in the dishwasher, we recommend reading the manufacturer’s manual.

Disadvantages of using an oil-free deep fryer

These are the main drawbacks when using an oil-free deep fryer:

The constant flow of hot air can cause food to dry out and not be as juicy as with a conventional deep fryer. We have tried to cook different foods in an air fryer and the truth is that some foods do not have as much flavor or are as crispy as in a conventional fryer. Obviously it will depend on the food that is cooked, so you will have to do tests to see what foods are good or if they need more cooking time to be cooked.

This appliance, by not frying the food itself, but heating it through hot pressurized air, generally requires more preparation time than a normal fryer. As we’ll see later, air fryers usually come with a timer, so the first few times you’ll have to mess around with the prep time until you get the optimal prep times.

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