How to clean inflatable bounce house?

An inflatable bounce house rental can be loads of fun, but it’s important to remember that it also comes with its share of responsibilities. Luckily, keeping your bouncy house clean doesn’t have to be difficult. There are simple ways to keep your rental in tip-top shape before and after use so that everyone can enjoy it safely and for the longest possible time. Here are five great ways you can clean your bouncy house rental unit easily, so you can spend more time playing and less time cleaning up after!

  • Dump out all of the water from inside

Dump out all of the water from the inside of your inflatable. Next, go over the inflatable with a garden hose and rinse any dirt or dust on it. Now it’s time to scrub! Scrubbing your bouncy house can be done with a soapy bucket, a scrub brush, or an old toothbrush. Remember to thoroughly scrub the joints, seams, folds, and corners of your bounce house. Once you are finished scrubbing, rinse off all soap residue with fresh water from the garden hose and do one last check for any missed dirt spots or stains. Finally, dry off the bounce house by turning it upside down and gently shaking it until all excess water has dripped out.

  • Sweep off all loose dirt

You should start by sweeping up all the loose dirt. Dirt can get caught in the little seams of your inflatable, and that’s not a good look. Use a broom or other sweeping device and ensure no dirt is left on the bounce house’s surface. If you have any small rocks, twigs, or pine needles, be sure to pick those up, too, because they can puncture holes in your bouncy house! Depending on what type of inflatable you have, you might need some water and soap for this part. As with any other cleaning operation, fill a bucket with soapy water and use it to scour whatever needs cleaning with a sponge or towel.

  • Wipe down with a damp cloth

Bouncy houses are a great way to entertain your guests at a birthday party, school carnival, or another event. But when you’re done with the bouncy house, it’s important to clean and deflate the inflatable before storing it away for the next time you need it.

  • Here are five easy ways to keep your bouncy house rental NJ looking its best!
  • Fill the inflatable with water and add bleach or dish soap.
  • Spray down all surfaces inside and out.
  • Allow enough time for the solution to work before moving on.
  • Rinse down everything with water from an outside hose.
  • Allow everything to dry before storing away.
  • Hang outside to dry if possible

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  • Inflate and Bounce

Inflate, and Bounce has been providing inflatable bounce houses for over 15 years. With so many rentals, it can be hard to keep them looking new. You must clean your NJ bounce house rental after each use if you want to make the most of your rental experience.

Can you clean inflatables with bleach?

Using bleach on an inflatable is one of the worst things you can do because it weakens the fabric and increases the likelihood that it will rip. Instead, use a mild soap and water mixture or a manufacturer-specific cleaning.

After cleaning it well with soap and water:

  • Rinse it with fresh water.
  • Ensure that all soap residue is gone before drying the mat with a towel.
  • Once you have dried off all the wet spots, lay out the mat in direct sunlight for about an hour to remove all the moisture.

To store your inflatable bounce house when not in use, ensure it is completely dry before folding it and putting it away in its original box or bag.

How do you clean a stained bounce house?

If you want your inflatable bounce house to look new and fresh, follow these steps:

  • Set up the bouncer in a large, grassy area.
  • Spray down the bouncer with water from a hose.
  • Two liters of water and 2 tablespoons of dish soap should be combined in a bucket.
  • Scrub any stains or grime on the bouncer by dipping your scrub brush into the liquid.
  • Rinse the soap off all surfaces with hose water and allow it to air dry before packing it for storage.

Final Words

Cleaning an inflatable bounce house can be difficult if you are unsure how. Luckily, a few easy steps will help you get the job done. First and foremost, you will need to locate the instructions for your specific inflatable product. Find out what cleaning agents it is safe to use on your product, including water and soap or a specialty cleaner designed for plastics. Next, remove any debris, such as leaves and sticks, from outside the play structure with a broom and dustpan. If debris is still left inside the play structure, use an old towel or similar item to cover all surfaces before spraying down with water mixed with soap or a specialty cleaner.

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