How To Create A Perfect Reading Nook in Your New Home

Buying a new home means only one thing – you can now have a dream home adapted to your needs and preferences. While there are many ideas you can try out, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss. Create a place in your home where you can relax, read favorite books and dedicate some time to your thoughts. In the modern world, this has become very important. We all have busy schedules, and a place to retreat and get some peace is undoubtedly a necessity. That’s why moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to create such a place. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips on how to create a perfect reading nook in your new home and truly enjoy it.

Why You’ll Love It?

If you’ve had problems with lack of space before, creating a place just for reading might seem unnecessary for a moment. However, there are several benefits of such a project.

  • You’ll create a place that is secluded from other rooms in the house, a place where you can sit and relax and have some privacy.
  • Having a place to read will remind you to slow down when you feel too busy and overwhelmed from daily tasks.
  • If you decide to sell the house, such nooks give an exclusive note to every home. You can offer more to potential buyers and even increase the value of the property.
  • Finally, if you have kids, a reading nook will help you set an example for creating a reading habit. Nowadays, gadgets and screens take over most of our time, so children find it hard to fall in love with reading.

Start With Choosing The Best Place in Your Home

The right location of your reading nook will determine how private or quiet it will be. Take a look around your home and pick a place where there’s an empty corner you can place the books and the seating. Sometimes, homes include a windowsill that you can turn into a reading place with a few details. Either way, the spot you pick should be away from busy areas of the house. Choose a slightly isolated corner where you can truly enjoy your me-time.

Best Place in Your Home

Choose The Seating

To add some seating space, be sure to decide on your budget. Creating a perfect reading nook in your new home doesn’t need to be an expensive project. If you choose to spend a bit more, you can go for a built-in bench or a sofa which can also be a perfect place to take a nap. However, you can also reduce the costs and buy an older armchair that you can quickly turn into a unique piece that gives a whole new vibe to the place. Palett furniture is also a fantastic and affordaqble idea. All you need is a bit of imagination, flare for DIYing, and some free time.

Add Furniture

When creating a perfect reading nook, you don’t need to add walls and make a big deal out of it. Simply add some furniture to separate the place from other parts in the room. A simple bookshelf and a small coffee table will do the trick.

Bring Your Books

Once you add the shelves, it’s time to bring your books from the old house. Moving books from one place to another can get tricky, as they are quite delicate and prone to decay. You may even have to keep some of your books in a storage unit until your new home is ready. So, besides careful packing, you need to ensure a safe place to keep a part of your collection while you set up the new home. When your reading nook is ready, you can easily get the boxes and start placing the books on shelves. And if you don’t have enough space in your reading nook, keep the books you don’t currently read in storage and ensure they’re intact until the next time you have created a suitable space for them.

Add Plants

To create an oasis of peace, add plants of different sizes. It would be best to choose the place for reading close to a window. So, you will also have a perfect place to grow your plants. They will have enough light, and you will have your own ‘jungle’ to relax in. Smaller succulents could go on the bookshelf or the coffee table. You can also place a higher plant on the floor and add some hanging plants above your seating area.



When it comes to home décor, choosing the right decoration can help you achieve that cozy and welcoming feel. Start with decorating your walls – you can make a wall gallery adding some art pieces, family photographs, or posters. To make it more stylish, try to pick a color theme or choose arts similar in style. Also, pillows and blankets will make the space comfortable and warm – everything you want from a reading nook in your new home. Finally, add a small, interesting rug and details such as candles or an aromatic oil diffuser.

home decor


As with the rest of your home, a color theme will set the tone in your reading area. As this should be the place of quiet, pick the colors that tell the same. Peaceful and neutral color tones will help you relax and enjoy your books. However, for those who want a bit of dynamic, try adding a pop of color – a colorful carpet, blanket, or pillows can serve this purpose perfectly.


Finally, adding some light will ensure you can enjoy those late evening reading sessions. Even though natural light is essential, add a floor lamp next to your armchair for some direct light and a cozy feel. It will be the final touch that will help you create a perfect reading nook in your new home and a unique oasis for a book lover like you!

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