How To Create Custom Printed Retail Boxes That Grabs Enormous Attention

Have you ever passed through a retail shelf in a supermarket where some of the products looked surprisingly beautiful? Unable to get a hang on your curiosity, you lean forward to take a peek at one of the products. You may not have that product in your shopping list but the packaging was so irresistible that it led you to see through the details. Now you’re too naïve to think that it will go back to the shelf but the next thing you know is that the psychological factor came into play, it pushed your limits, and forced you to put that product in the shopping cart.

What happened here? How were you so easily compelled to buy the product? It was neither in your shopping list nor it was a pending buy for a long time. It was the packaging that was at the forefront of these advances. Custom retail packaging plays a major role in the sales of your product. You can have a product of the highest quality but it will still fail to grab the attention of a multitude of people.

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There is a decent amount of businesses that do not even put a second of consideration before getting their products packaged. To be fair, your branding is not only confined to the quality of your product but it also transcends to custom retail boxes. In this blog, we will go through the essentials on how to make your product stand out from others with a few tips through custom retail boxes. Let’s start.

Personalization and Customization Play an Important Role:

Are you a business owner who wants their product packaging to cut through the noise and win you a legion of customers? Then the first thing you must avoid is packing your product in a brown box with a lot of scotch tape. Your product will instantly lose its value. You don’t want your product to look quaint or drab even before it is unboxed.

So, what do you do? You treat your custom printed retail boxes as an extension of your product. Select a design that suits your product and above all – attracts the targeted audience. Make your brand stand out by designing a logo and choosing a color palette that isn’t grotesque. Custom printed retail boxes with logo can make your product market itself. It will not only help you in manufacturing an untidy packaging but it will also help in brand promotion.

Use Packaging Material with Style:

If you have a business of shipping products, make sure to ship in a way that your customers receive it in one piece. Retail packaging boxes are crucial to the image of your brand because it negates your positive image in the market and replaces it with depraved one.

For that purpose, you do not want to package an air-conditioner in custom printed cardboard boxes and you palpably do not want a cosmetic item to be packaged in a corrugated material. Your brand is your identity and your identity is shown through packaging. Make it worthwhile.

Take care of the Neatness:

Ask yourself this powerful question. Wouldn’t you have appreciated a gift on your birthday that was neatly packed? Be brutally honest, you would have. This is how salient the neatness of retail boxes is. Aside from putting a behemoth amount of effort in selecting the right material, coating, manufacturing style, and color-scheme options for your packaging, one thing that needs to be taken care of is the neatness.

For example, custom printed retail boxes need to be packaged in a way that they automatically look like they have squabbled with perfection and neatness for first place. No matter how much effort you put into your product but if the packaging is not breathtaking to look at, no one will bat an eye.

Cherry-Picking the Materials for Custom Cosmetic Boxes:

Provide custom cosmetic boxes that are made from fine quality of cardstock. It not only prevents heat from entering but also ensures its safety from other environmental factors. The standard material that should be used in the packaging of these customized retail boxes should be cardstock as it minimizes the cost and allows you to present your designs efficiently. A variety of styling options such as tuck-end boxing, display boxing and locking mailer boxes should be provided to the customers to choose form. Several coatings that can go with materials are:

  • Coatings: Several styling and printing techniques are available to make the packaging more appealing for the consumers. For example, cosmetic boxes could contain a cardstock material with tuck-end packaging and embossing/debossing of the logo. The coatings are offered between:
  • Spot UV.

Each design should be tailor-made to the customer’s requirements and delivered in its best version.

Make Your Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes Eye-Catchy and Scintillating in Design:

You do not want your cosmetic boxes to look unsightly. One of the trendiest features in these boxes is that they ooze vibrant colors full of hues. The packaging should tell its own story, hence taking a marketing edge over competitors. The right color-scheming option on top of it will only tower the attractiveness of cosmetic boxes.

Is Your Packaging Providing Value?

Who wouldn’t like to save a few bucks? While pre-printing the cosmetic boxes, include coupon codes or discount offers that are attached to the cosmetic boxes which, in result, will redirect the customers to order more and more. This strategy has been in practice for well over five years and has never ceased to halt the sales. Even today, this trend is in full swing.

Printed Retail Boxes Should Follow Day-to-Day Trends:

With the emerging fashion industry, comes the need to have more cosmetic products. The demand to have cosmetic products has increased over time. A modish trend each day asks for a new cosmetic item. The sales skyrocket through the roofs once you’re organized and kept updated with day-to-day trends in business.


Designing a custom box does need some ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. A lot of thought process should be done before actually putting your product and packaging to test. You’re communicating with the consumers with the packaging of your product. All the materials, color scheme options, coatings, and styles will add an extra flair to your end product.

These were some fundamentals on how to represent your product as a way to communicate with your customers and make them stand out from others. Wholesale retail packaging rates need to be adjusted as well to communicate with the needs of your consumer’s budget.

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