How To Engage Visitors Using The Spin Wheel Strategy?

As consumers spend more time online, it is important to attract visitors to encourage them to stay longer and keep visiting your website more frequently. If you read about the latest trends on the Internet or the workplace, you may come across many gamification ideas.

The more they visit and browse your website, the more possible they like to share your interesting content on social media, thus encouraging their family and friends to visit it. In recent decades, video games have undergone tremendous changes, and the appeal to marketers has not disappeared.

Spin It To Hook Them!

Although there are many ways to increase visitors time on your website, Spin Wheel is one of the premier options. Integrating all game features into your website design and making visitors happy, engaged, and satisfied with your website and content. Though, it is crucial to consider several factors before adding Spin Wheel.

Consider which format is most effective, then brainstorm and discuss the game elements that fit your brand. Read on to learn more about using Spin Wheel to increase visitors engagement on your website.

Game Or Not A Game?

Each game has its unique factors. Gamification in web design consists of scoring, completing tasks or contests, clearing new levels, achieving goals, and even challenges. Generally speaking, most games have a player in a gaming world, and the player interacts with or takes action on the world.

It is estimated that more than 70% of the world’s top 2000 organizations have at least one gamification application like Spin Wheel.

Although the term may be comparatively innovative, this idea has existed for some time in the frequent flyer programs used by the world’s biggest airlines.

Spin Wheel marketing has several benefits, including:

  • Increased engagement: Consumers want to play your game and understand what happens next. For you, this means capturing a targeted audience or sending customers on the road to sales.
  • Increase sales: About 70% of customers said they are more expected to buy your brand if they like your spin wheel content.

How Can A Spin Wheel Help You?

Spin Wheel is a pop-up game to encourage customers and visitors. Optin Spin is a unique tool to try your luck and win discount coupons when you spin successfully. To spin the roulette, users must enter their email addresses.

When each email address is entered to spin wheel, it will be upgraded to the user list. It is intended to speed up many factors like user engagement, conversion rate, and more, but initially, it acts as a powerful lead generation tool.

Visitors to your WooCommerce store get a discount coupon after spinning the wheel successfully. But invited visitors can only redeem these coupons when they sign up to your store with the same email address they entered in the Spin Wheel to Win game.

The Fruition of Spin Wheel

Although Spin Wheel can be applied to marketing activities, this approach usually focuses on sales rather than participation. Some strategies allow interaction with the actions of other players.

Many companies have produced a lot of excitement through leaderboards, social media, and timed events. Every corporation has exclusive opportunities and contains suitable strategies and business missions according to their needs.

Although the value of your content is still the most important, it is also important to provide the content meaningfully. People are born to seek logical progress. Psychology is the foundation of any content delivery strategy-you need to attract an audience recurrently. Some developments are required in a gaming feature.

The rules of the game are derived through the initial introduction phase. As you progress, learn more about the parameters of the game. In the end, the game feels natural. Soon, it can even get boring.

Make it Social!

Human beings are social animals. You can use the elements in the game to inspire society and even competition. Many businesses have loyalty plans and benefits for returning customers.

Not only does the idea of scoring points have an advantage, but the displayed ranking can ingeniously reassure more visitors to earn more points than they originally planned. Some companies even set membership levels based on the points received.

Social media is an undeniably influential marketing force in the modern world, and you can use Spin Wheel to increase your influence in interesting and attractive ways. Make your content easier to share, and consider adding ways for customers to communicate with each other.

Send Coupon Codes Via Emails

The Spin Wheel will automatically send an email containing the coupon code to the winner of the spinning wheel. In addition, you can adapt every element of the standard email template. Now you will design your campaign to make it inconsistent with your wishes. You will use the drag-and-drop editor to modify the text, colors, images, and components. It will allow you to customize the wheel section easily and upgrade coupon codes and special offers.

Track Your Progress

Eventually, how you decide to customize your Spin Wheel will vary depending on your corporate model. Each business has diverse concerns and appeals to a specific audience to promote an inclusive marketing strategy.

Simple content such as a reward plan or a visual about your company’s history is enough to make your audience happy and involved. On the contrary, other companies may want to go further and develop more powerful spin wheel elements for their customers. No matter which path you choose, keep track of indicators that show your achievement.

Wrapping UP!

Participation is the key to converting your website visitors. Engagement is directly proportional to the conversion rate. As engagement rises, the conversion rate will also increase.

Spin Wheel attracts your customers and visitors by rewarding discount coupons for winning the spinning wheel game. It can also be used as a lead generation tool because an email address must be entered to turn the steering wheel.

Apply the steps described in this article to design a spinning wheel strategy in your WooCommerce store and attract your customers.

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