How to Fix a Cracked Glass Window?

Every house has doors and windows and the glass in a window can break or crack due to any reason. A window glass can break due to impact of an object or due to excessive heat. Whatever be the reason, homeowners need to fix the broken glass, else it can affect the energy efficiency of their home. A broken window pane also reduces the security of a home.

A small cracked window glass can cost homeowners in many ways. Therefore, it is essential to fix the glass as soon as possible. You can try it yourself, or get it fixed by a professional. Let us explore the ways to fix a cracked glass window.

If the crack is small

If the crack on your glass is small, you can try some quick fix DIY methods.

Masking Tape

Applying a piece of masking tape on both sides of crack can help hold the glass in its place and prevent water from passing through the crack until it is replaced. Apply the tape so that it goes through the crack on both sides and press firmly against the glass.

Glass adhesives

Solvent based adhesives are made especially for repair of car windshields and you can buy them from any automotive part store. They are designed to sink into cracks in the glass and help hold it together until you choose to replace the glass.

Step 1

Remove the dirt from the crack with an air blower or small brush.

Step 2

Use an eyedropper to rinse the crack with a cleaning solution to clean it thoroughly.

Step 3

When the crack is clean, tape the crack on its back side to hold the glass in its place.

Step 4

Insert the adhesive into the crack with a syringe and wait for it to dry. When it’s dry you can remove the tape.

Thick plastic cover

If you are looking for a temporary fix to ensure that bugs and insects don’t get in, applying a heavy plastic coating to the window crack will certainly solve the problem. Cut a piece of plastic to cover the surface of the broken glass with a piece of plastic, the surface of the broken glass canvas, shopping bags or other household items. Use tape to stick to the plastic edges of the glass.

If the crack is large

A small crack is not always the case as sometimes your window glass may get a large crack. In such a case you need to put more effort to fix the crack or replace the entire glass. Here’s how to fix a large crack in a window glass.

Using Adhesives

Solvent-based adhesives, such as epoxy, can be used as sealants for broken glass. This is a good way to fix the crack and prevent more damage.

See a step-by-step guide on how to repair broken windows using epoxy.

What will you need:

  • Liquid soap
  • Window cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth or cotton cloth
  • Epoxy
  • spatula
  • Paper plate
  • Acetone


Clean the glass part of the window to remove dust, fingerprints and oil residues using a liquid detergent and a damp microfiber cloth. Leave on for a few minutes to dry completely.

Create a mixture of two-component epoxy by combining hardener and resin. Use a toothpick to mix the paste into disposable cardboard or paper plates.

Apply the epoxy mixture to the broken glass using a spatula, pressing gently to fill in the cracks. Let it dry for at least five minutes.

Remove any excess epoxy that sticks to the surface using a sharp blade or cotton or dry cloth with some drops of acetone.

Polish the glass with a glass cleaner and a clean cloth.

If you want to fix the large crack for some time, you can use the above method, but if you want a permanent solution, it is best to replace the glass. The method of replacing the glass depends on the shape of glass and type of frame that holds it in the window. Hire a reputed and experienced professional to replace your window pane instead of doing it yourself. Trying to replace a window glass yourself can be harmful as it requires special skills, experience and equipment.

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Final Words

These were the tips to fix a cracked window pane. Now as you know these useful tips, you can use them to fix the small cracks on a window glass in your home. However, if the crack or damage is large, it is best to call a professional and get the window pane replaced.

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