How to Fix the Error When Malwarebytes POPs Up a Warning Dialog Box

Malwarebytes antivirus is the top security software that provides excellent security tools and plans for home users as well as for enterprises. The internet security tools of Malwarebytes ensure that your browsing is always protected so no one enters your network without your permission and steals your data. Download Malwarebytes and enhance the protection layer of your device.

You can also install Malwarebytes on Mac as well as on your mobile devices. Whenever Malwarebytes detects any virus, it alerts you and removes it immediately. Malwarebytes monitors your PC and information against major digital hazards, such as ransomware, malware, unwanted projects, spyware, and more. The product is organized with state-of-the-art enhancement devices, helping your PC to function easily.

Malware detection pop up

Whenever Malwarebytes detects a malware, it alerts you with a warning pop-up and removes the malware immediately. If the malware is in a file or program then Malwarebytes sends the file to the quarantine folder. You can go to the folder and determine whether you want to keep the file or you want to Stop Malwarebytes Popups.

If you want to keep the file then click on the restore button and your file gets restored on your computer. If you want to remove the file permanently from your PC then click on the delete button; Malwarebytes will remove the file immediately.

Malwarebytes subscription expiry warning

If your auto-renewal mode is disabled then Malwarebytes will start sending you the subscription expiry warning pop-ups a month before the expiry date. You can immediately renew your Malwarebytes plan or you can also renew it after expiry. Renewing it before the expiry will ensure that your device never gets exposed to malware.

If you have a few days remaining for the expiry then the remaining days will get added to your new plan. You can follow the given steps for renewing the Malwarebytes plan:

  • Click on the warning pop-up
  • You will be redirected to a Malwarebytes renewal page
  • Enter the Malwarebytes credentials

Provide your billing details and click on the renew button. The renewal process will take some time. Once complete, go to the subscription page and check whether your plan gets renewed or not.

Malwarebytes error pop-ups

Malwarebytes can show various warning pop-ups due to runtime errors. These types of errors can occur due to various reasons. The most common issue is the corruption in Windows program files. If you are getting a Malwarebytes error pop up then use a Malwarebytes fix tool. If you are still getting the same error then try restoring the Windows files. Here are the steps to use the Windows file checker tool:

  • Open your PC and go to the search bar
  • Type command
  • Press enter button
  • Now click on the Yes button
  • You will get a command prompt on the screen
  • Now type SFC/scannow on the command prompt
  • Press the enter button

The file checker tool will scan and fix all the corruptions of your Windows files. Now check whether your Malwarebytes error gets resolved or not. If your Malwarebytes is still sending you error pop-ups then you should consider reinstalling Malwarebytes antivirus. Reinstalling Malwarebytes will resolve all the errors and you can use Malwarebytes without any trouble. This device powers information security on a wide range of devices, regardless of whether it is a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

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