Go Live on Facebook and Instagram at the Same Time

Humans are known as social animals as they interact with one another. In history, they would live in groups and tribes to make a social circle. But now the technology has changed it. People have changed their way of communicating with one another on a daily basis.

Facebook and Instagram are now known as one of the most important social networks. These two networks are going on the top as people are more interested in using these apps than any other networks. Today many people love to go live on a daily basis on these apps. Live streaming is making people have one-to-one meetings and interactions without having to conduct a meeting elsewhere personally. Some people being not so familiar with the features of these networks want to know how to go live on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously so this can increase their followers, likes, comments, and views activity at the same time.

Live Streaming On Different Platforms!

Even though Facebook owns Instagram and Facebook live, these two have different features for live streaming. It is difficult to broadcast a live stream on different platforms on your phone at the same time. Phones do not allow access to two different apps at once. There are now tools available on the internet that helps you to be able to go live on different platforms at once. OBS Studio is known as one of the best software that enables you to go live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. Ciclano.io is also used for this purpose and plays a role for you to enter this site. This tool makes the life of the creators easier who interact with the audience in their daily life.

Steps to Follow:

For broadcasting live on both Facebook and Instagram, you need to follow these simple steps so you can go live on both platforms at a time:

  • Before starting, you need to know that you can do this only from a computer. You need to download the OBS Studio software first and then sign up by your account by clicking on the link for Ciclano.
  •  After the downloading is done, then open the OBS Studio app. You will see a ‘‘+’’ in the Sources box on the bottom of the screen; click on it to proceed. 
  • After that, select the alternative Video Capture Device. You also need to set your camera for better video. Name the source so it will be easier to identify along with its resolution and the number of cameras you are going to use. 
  • For better video quality, set the HD resolution. In case you are broadcasting a game, then you have to increase the resolution a little bit. Resolution lower than 1280 × 720 is not recommended. This software is paid for. 
  • By clicking on ‘‘+’’, you can also add effects and music which you already have on your computer. But this will not let you broadcast at different platforms at once; Ciclano app is necessary for going live on two platforms at the same time.
  •  After making an account on this site also, connect it with the Facebook profile and Instagram bio.
  •  Once your account is created, on the Ciclano main screen, click on tab channels. Here you can enable your Facebook and Instagram accounts to go live at the same time. 
  • For this, in each social network, select Add Account, then checkbox in your Facebook and Instagram accounts. 
  • After this, fill your title form in the Title and description box. This step makes it easier to check if your content is public or private. Some Tags and Categories are also used if you want to broadcast on YouTube simultaneously. 
  • For finishing, click on the TO SAVE button. 
  • Back to the homepage of the Ciclano, click the Enable Broadcast button. This will enable you to broadcast different platforms simultaneously. But this will only show the black screen. 
  • Some codes will appear after a few seconds; copy these codes. After copying the codes, return to the OBS Studio and open the settings, which are followed by the Stream. 
  • Click the Custom Stream from the menu settings. Then check the box named Use authentication. The codes which you copy from Ciclano paste them here. You have to place the codes sequentially. 
  • For broadcasting, just click on the button Start Broadcast. And here, you will be live on Facebook and Instagram accounts at the same time.

By following these steps, you can easily broadcast at a different platform at a time.

You Need to Know!

Now, the technology improves extraordinarily using various software; you can simply go live on two or more platforms. There is various software that offers you to go live at a time on different platforms. But you need to know which one is best for you. So first check and then start.

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