How to Make the Most Affordable and Attractive Clear Pillow Box?

A clear pillow box is the crown of packaging boxes. I highly rate packaging scientists because they keep trying to improvise packaging styles. I still remember there were few packaging boxes in the past. Two-piece packaging boxes were everywhere. Every retailer was compelled to go with only that style. But then the pillow boxes came, and they changed the whole packaging scenario. Still today, these boxes have high relevance.

People use pillow boxes to pack jewelry products, ornaments, and sweets. This is the diversity of pillow encasements that comply with many products. But the style of the clear pillow box comes with new possibilities. I talked with some packaging experts at OXO Packaging; they think a clear pillow box is the future of packaging. Indeed, this is a big statement. I was not sure about it. But one packaging expert guided me that these packaging boxes have clear PVC material. So, it is a new visual experience. New packaging styles and stocks always fascinate consumers. So, new styles of pillow boxes will always allure the target customers.

Wise Use of Colors

Indeed, you can print your clear pillow box in many beautiful colors. But you have to use the color options very wisely. Its clear surface has a strong presence in itself. So, if you are thinking of filling it with a lot of colors then you should reconsider it. Because if you need a fully colored packaging box then you should go with conventional pillow boxes. Packaging companies make those boxes in Kraft and cardboard materials.

When you make your packaging boxes in conventional paperboard materials, you can print them in fully designed patterns. A clear pillow box looks better with fewer colors because think! What is the use of a transparent surface of the packaging box when you have to load it with colors. You can use one, two or three colors at maximum. Ask the packaging designer to choose the most appealing colors to tell your brand story.

Pasting of the Packaging Boxes

Pasting both ends of the clear pillow box is also very important because packaging companies make this box with acrylic or PVC material. But now, here is a thing to remember. If you are making your clear pillow box in acrylic material, it has better gluing quality. Because it has not only better strength, stiffness, and visual clarity, but it is also better to paste the opposite ends of the pillow boxes.

Henceforth, if you make boxes in acrylic material, you don’t have to worry much because the adhesive absorption strength of acrylic stock is excellent. But keep in mind acrylic is a costlier material. If you can afford to make your packaging boxes with logos in this material, then this is the best choice for you. But if you want to make the clear pillow box at a low price, then PVC is the best option. It is more affordable than acrylic material.

There is only one thing to look for. And that is its adhesive pasting step. PVC has less absorption quality than acrylic material. You only have to tell your packaging company to ensure the glued pasting of your clear box. Because if it is in PVC, the supplier will have to use high-quality adhesive. The adhesive is also important when making packaging boxes in acrylic and PVC material because these stocks don’t have the same sticky qualities as paperboard.

Affordable Clear Pillow Packaging

How to make affordable wholesale pillow boxes is an important question. Well, now, let me give the best possible answer to this. I suggest you make these boxes in just one color. Don’t over-apply the colors; this is a key piece of advice. Look, the most intriguing feature of the transparent boxes is their clarity. You should highlight this clarity at the maximum. If you print more colors on these boxes, then you will decrease the charm of the clear surface.

Going with a single color will allow you to show your actual product to your customer too. For instance, if you are stuffing the candies in these boxes, then you don’t need extra wrappers for the candies. Pack them in the boxes without any wrappers. Hence, your consumers will be able to look at their intended product first-hand. They will see the products even before buying them.

Visual experience for the customers is significant. This is why many retailers make window cutouts in their packaging boxes. Packaging boxes with windows allow your customers to see the products and their physical appearance. But here, your whole box is clear. This whole box is just like a window. Customers can see it from all angles. So, get the maximum benefits from your clear pillow boxes.

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