How to Organize Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

Every office worker knows how big an impact the office atmosphere has on their working productivity. And although many of them spend most of their time looking at computer screens, the organization of the space they work in defines whether or not they will feel comfortable there. What’s more, apart from a small number of people who like working in a complete mess, most workers feel they have everything under control only if they have complete order around them. That is especially if their office space is part of their homes. If you are among the latter, you’d like to read several tips on how to organize your home office for maximum productivity.

Get rid of the clutter

If you are looking for the best way to begin the big project of putting your office in order, the first task is decluttering. You can start from your desk, then move to the shelves and drawers. There must be tons of papers and documents you no longer need and forgotten office supplies that are not in use. Get rid of them all and clean up your space. It may take some time, depending on how much junk you need to throw away. So, be patient. Even if it takes you the whole day, remember it’s worth it. What’s more, if you’re already in the process of your home decluttering, don’t miss the chance to deal with your working space too.

Deal with your desk and organize your home office for maximum productivity

Every hard worker spends most of their working day at the office desk. That’s why it is so important to keep it organized and neat. The first thing you should do is collect and put away all the unnecessary office supplies from your desk. Place them in desk drawers, but make sure you can reach everything easily at any time. Other things you should take care of are the computer wires and plugs. Sometimes it takes time to untangle them and find the right cord. To solve this problem, you can use cable ties or holders that you can attach to your desk. Once you are done organizing your desk, the outcome should be a neat work surface with a computer screen, several pencils, and a notebook.

On a desk there is a laptop, a mug, a lamp, and some pens
The fewer items you keep on your desk, the easier it’ll be for you to work

The task of storing items and office supplies

Another essential step in organizing your home office is having a proper storing system. Everything that you bring to the office should have its place. And, if this is your first home office and you’re starting from the scratch, planning your storing strategy should be one of the first things on your to-do list. The sooner you organize your stuff, the easier it will be for you to function when things become busier.

  • For some smaller office supplies like paperclips, flash drivers, and business cards, buy yourself a drawer organizer and separate everything patiently.
  • Use vertical desk trays for files and documents that constantly arrive in your office. Here it would be helpful to have two of them. One for the new paperwork you haven’t opened yet, and one for the paperwork you are currently working on.
  • Utilize filing cabinets for the papers you want to save. Remember to label folders, so you don’t spend an eternity searching for the documents you need.
  • It would be best if you placed all the books and the literature important for your work on bookshelves. Categorize and sort them so you can always find what you need quickly. In this case, shelf labeling can be pretty helpful.
  • Desk organizers are ideal for storing pencils you want to keep on your desk. There are desk organizers that can help you sort various items such as business cards, notepads, and small gadgets.
  • A drawer or a cabinet where you can keep your personal things like your wallet, keys, or a charger will help you organize your home office and make it seem more professional.
A woman is looking at some files on the shelves
Good organization is the key

Have a place to put the trash

The last things you want your clients to see when they enter your office are papers and trash all around. That’s why a proper trashcan in your home office is a must. Most office trashcans are small; however, we suggest you consider getting a larger one for your home office. Not only is it practical for its size, but it’s more visible too. So, whenever you feel indecisive about throwing away some unnecessary paperwork, you’ll notice your great trashcan, which will help you make up your mind. What’s more, dealing with your trash on time would be helpful if you hire a professional cleaning service at some point. You’ll save yourself unnecessary stress if you decide which papers are important and which ones you should away. Don’t leave that decision for the cleaners when they come across a bunch of junk on your office desk.

Install adequate lighting

Good lighting is essential for a functional home office. Especially when it comes to the working space, therefore, when you want to organize your home office for maximum productivity, make sure you place your desk somewhere near the window. Natural light is priceless, and it will increase your productivity. The lamps and ceiling lights you choose and the color of your walls also significantly impact how bright the whole room will be.

Make your office comfortable

Having an office at home differs from having one in an office building. The crucial thing is that no matter how professional it looks, a home office always has some special personal touch. And in most cases, this is exactly what clients like. So, apart from getting yourself a comfortable chair and a well-designed desk for your home office, taking care of some small details is vital, too. Use free space on your shelves to put some photographs or figurines. Hang some pictures on the walls or buy a well-designed clock. This cozy atmosphere will not only make your clients feel comfortable, but it will also help you stay focused on work.

Adding a little bit of personal touch affects the atmosphere.
There is a wooden desk, a chair, and some shelves next to a window.

So, those would be the top ideas on how to organize your home office for maximum productivity. Now, it’s up to you to choose which of them you will try. You should see an immediate improvement in your focus and productivity.

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