How to Pack Fragile Items When Moving?

Relocation can be very demanding and stressful, so you need to make sure you’ve got everything under control. This includes kids, packing, managing the move, and getting the new house ready. With all these tasks, there’s always room for mistakes and problems. Especially when you need to pack fragile items when moving. This task needs to be done very carefully because losing and breaking some of your fragile and valuable items leads to unnecessary costs and mess. That’s why we arranged the list of all the tips you need so you can pack fragile items when moving with ease. This way you, can have a safe and stress-free move you’ve always wanted.

Don’t pack fragile items in a hurry

When it comes to delicate tasks like this, taking your time is the key. If you pack fragile items when moving in a hurry, you increase the chances to break and lose something. So, to avoid that, make sure you prepare for the move in time. Start sorting the items weeks, even months before the relocation, so you are sure you can pack everything slowly and with care. Gather the supplies and order safe travel packs for your valuables, so you are ready to start packing in time.

Fragile items warning
To pack fragile items when moving – handle them with care.

Make yourself enough space

When it comes to packing fragile items, you need to have a dedicated packing location in your home. If possible, clear up a table or a piece of the floor so you can pack your items there. This will maximize safety and give you enough space to pack everything correctly.

Have enough packing supplies

To protect the items when packing for the move, you shouldn’t try to save on packing supplies. To pack fragile items when moving, be sure to have enough of all the things you need:

  • wrapping paper, air bubble wrapping
  • cardboard – cut it in smaller pieces to put it between the glasses or plates
  • moving boxes – choose those of appropriate size, and avoid boxes that are too big
  • tape – you need to make sure every box is properly taped so it doesn’t open during transport
  • packing peanuts – use them to fill any empty pace and minimize tumbling
  • airbags– great for filling the box without increasing its weight.

Wrap everything multiple times

Your best friend when packing fragile items is definitely air bubble packing and some other sort of packing paper. To protect everything from scratches and bumps, make sure you wrap each item separately – multiple times. Use all the air bubble packing you have to wrap each glass, vase, plate, etc.

A lot of packing paper in a cardboard box to pack fragile items when moving
Use a lot of protection when you want to pack fragile items when moving.

Use special packing supplies

If you have any valuable items to pack for the move, it’s good to invest in some special kind of packing supplies. It’s better to spend some money on protection than feel sorry when a valuable item gets lost. We recommend using special moving boxes or these waterproof, durable packs for all those smaller fragile you have.

Label everything

Never underestimate the power of labeling. If there are a lot of boxes, writing what’s inside on each of them is an additional step that can help a lot. First, the movers you hire will know how to deal with the boxes containing fragile items. Next, they will know where to put each box in your new home. And finally, it will be much easier to unpack later on. You can find certain much faster if you can see what’s inside a box without having to open it.

Don’t overpack the boxes

It’s important not to fill every inch of space in a box when you need to pack fragile items when moving. The reason is very simple. If you leave some empty space at the top of the box and also add some extra packing paper over the items, you will avoid the damage that can happen when another heavy box is placed on top. Even though the boxes are labeled, it sometimes happens that a box with heavy items is accidentally put on a box with glasses and plates.

Packing glasses

Glasses are probably the most common fragile item in every house. Since there are a lot of them, you need to have a proper technique to pack them effectively and safely. Since glasses are delicate and break easily, the best way to protect them is to use a lot of wrapping paper. Wrap each item separately, and add layers between each glass. Also, don’t forget to layer the bottom of the box, as well as its sides. If you are packing the glasses with some other items in the same box, make sure you don’t put heavier items on top, but at the bottom instead.


Another common item on the fragile items list. When you need to pack fragile items like plates, avoid placing them horizontally, as you usually do. Try the vertical technique and separate plates with sheets of packing paper in between. Use smaller to medium size cardboard boxes, and don’t overpack them. Plates can get very heavy if there are a lot of them, which can be very risky both for the plates and your back.

If possible, avoid the DIY

If you don’t have a lot of experience in packing fragile items when moving, it’s probably better not to do it this time either. Try hiring professional movers and packers who have the right skills and experience to do the job. They also have the proper techniques as well as packing supplies, which will ensure the safety of your items.

Extra tip: If you don’t use some of your fragile belongings, consider leaving your items in a storage unit for some time. Choosing the right storage space will enable your items to remain safe at all times. This is especially helpful if you are moving into a smaller apartment, where there’s a higher risk of damaging delicate items. Just be sure to pack the items properly and lift the boxes off the ground by using palettes.

Cardboard boxes on a palette.
Lift your fragile items off the ground when leaving them in a storage space

Avoid everyday items for packing fragile possessions

Yes, things you already have in your home are a great way to cut the moving costs. Newspapers, blankets, towels, etc. However, if you need to pack fragile items when moving, try to avoid these packing supplies. These can damage your items, leave stains and they are not safe enough. Use them for some other, less delicate things, and buy the proper packing supplies for your valuables.

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