How to Start Distance Education in the UK

What do we mean by Distance education?. It is a type of learning that is carried out distantly without being in touch with teachers, classroom, and other students. The origin of such learning took place in the UK in the way of online classes or lectures. Today approximately 550,000 undergraduate and postgraduate are earning their degrees and certification through distance education. Since this is the modern era of the internet. The use of websites and available online opportunities have increased the growth of the use of distance education and tuitions.

Distance Education at Undergraduate level in the UK

For the students of undergraduate level distance education is defined as learning things at home and work. The universities of the UK usually provide the material of learning. However, for the ones that are studying while doing a job, online learning material is much more feasible. Nowadays, Tuitions are also available for undergraduate students at a very reasonable cost through the means of telephone, computer-generated learning environment, email and other electronic media. Such learning by the online tutors can be occasionally or weekly, which is very helpful for the working student. The bulk number of undergraduate students prefer studying through Open University, however many institutes of higher Education offers distance education programmes.

Distance Education at Postgraduate Level in the UK

Number of Universities offers a variety of online Masters degree, Diploma, Postgraduate certification programme as well as the degrees that will be affiliated to the Universities. The affiliate degrees with Universities do not mention that degree issued based on the online classes. For the Masters or diploma courses, a wide range of online tuitions is being delivered for different subjects such as Neurology, Masters Dissertation, and Accounting etc.

Time Consumption for Online Courses

Completion of online courses for the affiliated master’s programme may take a longer time than the on-campus classes. Nevertheless, universities are flexible in this consent. Because it also means the amount of work done will be similar to that of Universities Education. Whereas, short courses and diploma course are not that time-consuming.

Benefits of Distance Education

Distance education is very advantageous for the ones that are unable to balance their work and student life as well as home time. It will be easier for them not to get bound and choose their pace and place for the study. It will also help the overseas student to gain the benefits of online degrees. They can achieve a degree no matter where they live in the world. Similar to the University Teaching the online classes also focus on progressive teaching and allows the student to learn skills like research and development.

The Drawback of Distance Education

One of the main disadvantages of distance education is that you miss that pleasantness of being at the campus. When you are in University, you socialize and interact with fellow students and make friends. Which may help you to relieve stress and feel light with the burden of life. Distance Education may lead you to develop a feeling of isolation and loneliness. However,h the online tutors provide dedicated support to their students.

Online Admission Requirements

There are specific online courses offered in the UK do not require much and deliver free online courses. However, the classes for the degree that are affiliate with University have different specific requirements. It may comprise of previous education and qualification record, other certification and English language expertise.

Admission Procedure for Online courses in the UK

The process of registration based on filling an online form for online classes. The reply of acceptance or declination of application will be sent to you. The institute may ask for the verification of the qualification and certification provided by you. After clearance, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance for the course. Registration takes place a week or two before the commencement of classes. After receiving the amount, University will send a confirmation then you can attend the classes online.

Cost of Admission

Cost of registration may vary from campus to campus, but probably it will be much lesser than the price of classes conducted in the institute. For instance, the registration fee in the institute of the UK for the degree of Masters of English Literature cost around 15,500 US dollar for the 3-year programme. At the same time, it is lesser for the registration of online courses.

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