How to Succeed in Esports Industry with the Esports Tournament Website?

Esports is considered as a professional sport where thousands of tournaments and events are played daily. Esports platform development is one of the influencing solutions that can bring a large audience for your esports business. According to a Newzoo report, the average revenue per fan grew to $6.6 by 2021. The Esports industry is expected to generate revenue of $ 1.8 billion by 2022. There were more than 800 events held in 2019 with a revenue of $ 56.3 million. Esports industry involves various games under top esports genres. These genres are multiple online battle arena, first-person shooter, fighting games, card games, real-time strategy, and multiple online role-playing games. These genres have so many games that are played in events and tournaments.

What is Esports?

Esports is an online gaming platform where thousands of games including Starcraft, Dota 2, counter strike, league of legends, and many more. These games are played in tournaments with huge prize money for the players. Esports tournament website offered various tournaments to the users to enjoy several sports and prizes to the players.

Esports enhancing its market share in the market. There are several online streaming platforms available to viewers. It is expected that the number of viewers will reach 307 million by 2021.

According to business insider, the esports market is expected to generate more than $ 2,174.8 million by 2023. Revenue is increasing every year in esports by 9.7%.   The esports industry is growing per region based on revenue and audience.

 List of Reasons to build esports tournament website:

  • Gamers are always seeking for competitions and esports websites develop challenging games for the users to play that creates competition on the platform.
  • Players pay a specific amount on every game and development of tournament websites can be a better place to generate revenue for the users.
  • The statistical records show that an esports website helps develop user-based platforms that can be a better opportunity for the business owners to earn money.
  • As the number of viewers increases in esports, the business owners can plugin their website with online streaming platforms to know the live events of the tournament website.
  • There are a huge variety of games involved in tournament websites that can influence a large number of players and audience to the platform easily.

Features that Should be Present in Esports Tournament Website

Esports tournament website can be beneficial for attracting a large number of audience. It must have appropriate features on the website such as:

  • The website must allow users to add various leagues, events, and tournaments.
  • The website should help modify the elements for payment and security.
  • The website also needs to have admin and user panel features for the users to get updates regarding upcoming events and matches.
  • The management portal must be available on the website to add terms and players of their choice.
  • The features of social networks must be available for the users to share their experience of the events.
  • The website should be user-friendly and responsive to users.
  • The user should be able to use features such as sign-in/sign-up screen, wallet screen, match policy, etc on the website.

Solutions to succeed with Esports Tournament Website

Esports tournament website helps track and analyze the games and events. It also provides mobile apps that cover various games at different levels. There are different ways available for the entrepreneurs to implement in building esports tournament websites. The solutions for building esports tournament website are as follows:

Esports Website Builder

This option requires the company to use website builder sites. It has all features covered that helps in building social networking, scheduling, match reports, and leaderboard on an esports website.

The website builder site has various templates and management portal options available for the website. The entrepreneurs just need to sign-up for creating a website. It does not require coding options thus, the operator can opt for this easiest option for building an esports tournament website.


It is another solution for creating a tournament website. WordPress has plugins and themes available to enhance the looks and functions of the website. Entrepreneurs can access the services of WordPress without developers. WordPress includes customization options to implement the key features on the website such as organizing tournaments and teams, creating community, and many more. WordPress plugins are also helpful in analyzing esports statistics. The organizers need to buy web hosting services to enjoy the services through WordPress.

Custom-Coding Solutions

To offer effective and differentiate features, the custom development approach is the most effective solution for entrepreneurs. They need to develop a team of experts including business analysts, testers, web developers, and project managers. To implement the custom development solution, the organizer needs to consider the following factors:

  • Wire-framing: This step helps to develop the structure of the website.
  • Design: Once the structure is framed, designers develop a responsive interface for the users.
  • Development: Once the designs are done, this step implements coding on the website to ensure the responsive design on the website.
  • APIs: The application programming interface analyzes the interaction between a website and users.
  • Development and Operations: This step is the last, it is for reducing the process of the website.


As stated above the esports platform development market is growing continuously and people are also switching to this platform. Thus, it is a golden opportunity for the organizers to try their hands in the esports industry. There are various games involved that are played in many tournaments and the present market can allow a large audience towards the esports market. As stated, there are various solutions available for developing esports tournament websites, so this is the perfect time for the entrepreneurs to successfully develop their esports industry with the help of esports tournament websites.

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