How to Unwind After Your Upper East Side Move

Relocation is stressful – no matter how close you’re moving. That’s why the period after the move can be pretty tiring and overwhelming. There’s a lot of unpacking, adjusting, and various house chores. For that reason, it’s necessary to relax a bit and enjoy your new home and neighborhood. If you’re too tired to think of the ways to use your free time – we’ve got you covered. Here are some things you can do to unwind after your Upper East Side move. Enjoy!

Get some rest before you start unpacking

The packing process is stressful and busy since you have a deadline, your moving day. However, once you’re moved in, there’s no need to rush. You have just enough time to get some rest and relax after a stressful move. So, before you start packing, be sure to get enough sleep and ‘reset’ your body. Most of the tasks can wait a bit, so you recharge and distress before you continue moving work.

Bonus tip: To minimize stress and save your time and energy when moving to the Upper East Side, make sure you get some help with the move. A professional moving company can help transporting your household goods locally and ensure you have a smooth, stress-free move.

Do things that help you relax

Everybody is different, so we all have various ‘techniques’ to relax and unwind. We recommend reading a book or watching Netflix. Find an activity that you like and enjoy it as much as it is necessary to mentally recharge after a couple of very busy days and weeks.

Bonus tip: While doing one of these relaxing things, make sure you pamper yourself and make it an even better experience. Make yourself a bubble bath, do at-home spa, and play some great music.

A book and a cup of tea needed to unwind after your Upper East Side move.
Do the things you like to help you unwind after your Upper East Side move – books, movies, music.

Get to know your new neighborhood

Another thing that will help you feel better and welcome to your new home is getting to know your new neighborhood. So to unwind after your Upper East Side move, go around the neighborhood and visit the most popular landmarks. This is the chance to explore this part of the city and find your new favorite café and restaurant, visit the local grocery shop, etc. We recommend visiting some of the most popular places to eat like Sandro’s, Alice’s Tea Cup, and Bagelworks.

A woman walking her dog down the street.
Take a good walk around your new neighborhood – another way to unwind after your Upper East Side move.

Make unpacking a pleasant task

We understand that you feel tired even thinking about moving boxes. However, after all the packing – you need to unpack your new home. However, this doesn’t need to be a tiring task. If you organize well, you can save energy and do everything slowly, yet on time. Try to unpack the items systematically – room by room. This way, you won’t have a mess all around your new home. Also, make sure to create a positive atmosphere while unpacking – play some chill music, prepare some snacks and refreshments. Also, if necessary, ask some friends or relatives to help you out.

Have a party

Bringing your friends over to your new home is surely one of the ways to unwind after your Upper East Side move. What’s more relaxing than spending a fun night with the people you love. Order some food, make some drinks, and invite your loved ones to see your new place.

Take care of your body

As we mentioned, relocations are stressful, but not only mentally. Our bodies feel overwhelmed and sore as well since there is a lot of carrying and packing. To say your body a big ‘thank you’, schedule a relaxing massage in a local massage clinic or salon. Also, you can do a mani-pedi and take care of yourself the right way. You’ll feel much better after you forget about your chores and focus on your well-being.

A bath bomb, towel and a candle to help you unwind after your Upper East Side move.
A good, old relaxing massage is a great way to send all stress away.

How to make your Upper East Side move less stressful?

As you can see, there are many ways to unwind after your Upper East Side move. However, we should think about the moving process and ways to make it less tiring and stressful. This way, you won’t be so tired after you move in, and have enough energy to go and explore your new neighborhood.

Don’t move in a rush

The main cause of stress during a move is the lack of time and organization. So, to make sure everything goes smoothly, you need to plan your move. Take your time with moving organization and plan everything to detail. Make a moving checklist to help you out – list all the moving tasks you need to finish, so you can track your progress and move without a rush.

Have the moving budget ready

Another cause of stress is finances. That’s why preparing your moving budget is an essential part of your moving preparations. Make a list of all the necessary payments, get a moving estimate, and save money for all the expenses on time.

Get some moving help

To avoid being tired and overwhelmed after your Upper East Side move, find someone to help you out. You can ask your friends and family to help you with the packing and carrying, however, that is quite risky. It’s much better to trust a skilled professional – a moving expert that will securely pack and transport your belongings. This way, you can relax and be sure your items are safe.


We live in very busy times, where everything is done in a hurry. That’s why the level of stress is increased and present in all life aspects. For that reason, we need to learn to protect ourselves and unwind after your Upper East Side move. Everything can wait for a bit, so make sure you get some rest and relax after stressful times.

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