How To Wear Lehenga: 6 Types Of Lehenga That Are Lovely

Indian girls do not need any introduction to lehenga choli. The name itself makes us excited. It is the best attire that gives you a desi Indian look. We know that weddings are the perfect occasion for lehengas but it is not compulsory that you wear lehengas only at weddings, if you want to wear something ethnic and traditional at festivals and parties then lehenga can be a perfect choice.

Modern lehengas are stylish and unique and so it can be worn at any occasion or party. Let’s check out some modern lehengas which can give you rich and bold look.

Some Modern Lehengas

1.Panelled lehenga

Panneled Lehenga choli

This simple and elegant having several horizontal panels of fabrics attached altogether creates the flare of the lehenga. The volume of the flare is increased for too many panels. These panels can be the same or different depending upon one’s choice.

This one would be your perfect pick for any occasion or festival. We see our beautiful Bollywood actresses wearing this type of lehenga in movies, promotional events, and parties. Be a fashionista by choosing this one for yourself.

2. A-Line lehenga

A Line Lehenga

As per the name, it resembles a pattern that is tighter on the waist and flares out at the bottom. This is a very versatile type of lehenga. Try this stunning type of lehenga in parties and events.

The flare gives an absolutely amazing look to the lehenga, pair it with an embroidered blouse with different patterns and sleeves. Experiment with different styles with your dupatta to get a bold and classy look.

3.Flared lehenga

flared lehenga

If you want a huge circular flare and a heavy look then you can go for a flared lehenga. This has a high volume and many pleats that give a food flare to the lehenga. The most attractive part of this outfit is its skirt. The circular pattern is great for pre-wedding shoots, reception parties or any other wedding events and functions.

Get a desi Indian bridal look by wearing this one at weddings. Flared lehengas usually have broad borders that give the skirt a bold and traditional look.

4. Fishtail or Mermaid lehenga

This one is a type of lehenga which is tight till the knees and flared from the calves. As per its name, it makes you look like a mermaid. The flare at the bottom is the attractive part of this lehenga. This one helps you flaunt your figure and it looks super gorgeous on hourglass and pearshaped body.

You can wear this in reception and other functions. The designs at the flare of a mermaid lehenga are extensively unique and modern. It is an alluring choice if you want a modern and stylish look.

5.Ruffle lehenga

ruffle lehenga

This unique one is very stylish and amazing. The pattern is so pretty that you cannot take your eyes off from it. It suits all body type and every age group. The skirt containing layers of the ruffle looks enormously stunning. Pair it with a crop top to get the prettiest look.

You can add a dupatta to give your outfit a complete lehenga look. This one is stylish and pretty and is perfect for parties, events, festivals and different occasions.

6.Trail lehenga

This one is one of the hot favourite choices for weddings and receptions. Trail lehenga is an extraordinarily unique and stylish lehenga that uses an extra fabric to make a trail behind the skirt. We get inspiration and idea to wear this lehenga from our Bollywood Divas. They showcase this pattern at fashion weeks and events.

It would be a great choice for a bride. Match a crop top or half sleeves blouse to get a fantastic look. Drape your dupatta in a different way so that your trail gets a perfect look and attention. if you love wearing lehenga then you can buy lehenga choli in usa at low price from online to save your time and money.

How to wear and style your lehenga

Choosing the lehenga is not a difficult choice but to drape it in a perfect style is a little bit confusing. You can drape your dupatta in multiple styles.

1.Saree style a Classical Lady

saree style lehenga

This one is a simple and elegant style giving you a perfect saree look. Drape your dupatta like a saree pallu and get a perfect saree look. This will give you a proper traditional look.

It will showcase the pattern of your skirt perfectly. The design and pattern of your skirt, as well as dupatta, can be flaunted properly.

2.Thin Pleat style for Beautiful Ladies

This one is classy and easy. Drape your dupatta in a saree style with thin pleats to get a traditional bridal look. You can elaborate your whole attire with this desi look. The design of your blouse and skirt can be focused on this style. Wear heels to get a perfect look.

3.Over the head

A traditional yet trending and popular style among the brides. Simply take your dupatta on the head to get a perfect bridal look. Tie your hairs in an updo and wear bold accessories to get an alluring look. Pair a maangtikka, that will give you a magical look. Surround everyone with your charm and beauty.

4.One side Dupatta

one side dupatta

Image Credit to owner

Simplest and common style. If you are in a hurry and can’t drape your dupatta in any style then the best way is to pin up your dupatta simply on one side. Pleat it well or just left it open to get a dramatic look. This style is very good if you have a heavily embroidered or studded pearls and stones dupatta.

For a trendy and popular look, you can also pair your lehenga with different styles of blouse.

5.Lehenga with Crop Top

Lehenga with Crop Top

A trending and famous style to experiment with your lehenga is that pair it with a crop top. Different patterns of crop tops can be paired with the skirt. Ditch your dupatta and be a fashionista.

6.Lehenga with Long Shrug

lehenga with long shrug

An adorable way to style your lehenga is that wear a shrug on it. Wear beautiful multicoloured and designer shrug lehenga choli for an Indo-western look. Get a stunning look by carrying this outfit.

7.Lehenga with Net Jacket

Lehanga With Net Jacket

A stunning pattern, which would be a complementing and most loved attire for a party, event, or wedding. It’s not easy to take your eyes off from this.

8.Lehenga with Shirt

Lehenga With Shirt

For a perfect Indo-western look pair your lehenga with a plain shirt. It will make you look very attractive and ravishing. Try this one for parties and events. A plain white shirt will be the best match with a printed lehenga.

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