How You Can Make English Classes More Fun for the Students

As a teacher, holding your student’s attention and getting them interested in English language in what you have to teach is one of the most difficult tasks. Students are either not interested in certain subjects or find the learning too boring to pay any attention to class. What you can do to remedy this is to introduce humor in your lessons. Humor is an experience that everyone enjoys and finds interest in. When humor is introduced into lessons, the learning process becomes easier and more understandable.

Introducing humor to English classes is especially effective, partly because the language itself allows for the inclusion of fun as well as in making the sessions more comfortable.

While there are a lot of ways to introduce humor to class, you, as a teacher, should avoid making the class more humorous at the expense of a student’s self-esteem. Be especially careful not to make fun of any of your students just for the sake of making others laugh. 

With that being said, here are five ways you can make your classes more humorous:

Laugh At Yourself

One of the best ways to make your class more humorous is to make fun of yourself. When you do something silly or when you make a mistake, you can always ward it off by making fun of yourself. You can also tell funny stories about the mistakes you have made while you were a student, especially the ones you made while learning English.

This way, you can make the class more comfortable for your kids and have a sense of approachable aura around you. 

Make The Assignments And Homework Funny

You can funny questions, passages, phrases, or sentences in your assignments to let your kids know they are in for a treat. Use jokes, puns, or one-liners in homework and assignments to make it more fun. Such questions will not only help your students find the homework entertaining but will also keep them encouraged to learn more.

While making the assignments funnier, make sure you include the kind of humor that is understandable by your students. Avoid using humor that your students don’t understand.

Use Videos

Videos are a great source of entertainment and can be a helpful addition to the classroom. Many teachers use videos to give their students a break from regular tasks and provide them with an easy and more comprehensible way to understand certain concepts. Videos can also serve as a great way to introduce new concepts and ideas. 

You can clip out certain parts of a tv show or movie to teach your kids new ideas and concepts in English. 

Use Animations And Cartoons

Cartoons can be another addition to the classroom to make the learning process more fun. Like videos, cartoons can also help kids better understand a subject and grow more aware of certain concepts. You can use editorial cartoons to discuss the current political or economic scenarios with kids. Moreover, comic strips are also a great way to make learning English easier and more convenient. Since most comic strips use a casual, day-to-day tone of writing, they will reflect better with kids and teach them various nuances of the English Speaking courses.

You can use cartoons and comics to teach kids a range of concepts, including:

  • Analyzing figurative language
  • Recognizing the type of humor the author is using
  • Drawing and writing comics to tell stories or explaining certain parts of English grammar
  • Predicting what could come next

You can also use comics to hone the students’ vocabulary. Print out a few comic strips and deliberately remove a few words from them and ask your students to identify the words that are missing. Blank comic strips can also be used to develop the dialogue writing abilities of students.

Moreover, you can also cut comic strips, put them in random order and ask your students to arrange them in an order that the dialogues in the comics make sense.

Make Your Classes More Energetic

You can use humor to bring energy to your class. Bring your lessons to life by introducing the following concepts in your class:

  • Introduce a new book to the class and have your students act out different parts of it. You can also bring props such as wigs and costumes to the class and dress up your students for the roles.
  • Introduce quotes of the day or quotes of the week. Try to include humorous quotes to make it worth your students’ time.
  • Have a joke day where you ask students to bring in their favorite jokes and have them read these jokes to each other. 
  • Use impersonations. Try to teach English in different accents or impersonate a famous celebrity to connect with your students.

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