Identify & Fix Drops in Google Rankings

A lot of websites have experienced a drop in rankings. The reason may be a penalty imposed by Google, changes in the lay-out of SERP, improvements made by competitors, technical issues, an algorithm update or changes in the content.

If you want that your current rankings should be improved and the key visibility of your brand should be prevented from being lost then you have to diagnose the reason behind drop in rankings and then try to fix it.

Now I am going to tell you how to identify and fix drops in Google rankings.

Why drops in Google ranking occur?

  1. Changes in the website

    Your ranking can be affected if you have made several changes on the website. Sitemap adjustments, changes in the code and content update may be the reasons behind this. You have to give information about these updates to the other teams also. For improving Google rankings, you will be ready to make adjustments if you are having more and more information.

    You also have to ensure that blocking of the Google bots has not been done. Your ranking is determined when your site is crawled by Google bots. A web page will not rank if it is not crawled by Google bots.

  2. Updates in the algorithms of Google

    Every year some major algorithm updates are released by Google due to which some changes can be seen. You can take the help of a tool known as Was There A Google Update to identify if the search engine algorithm has been updated and made any changes. To identify if your rankings are affected by the updates you have click on the tool and fill the date in it.

    What is the reason behind the drops in rankings due to updates in the algorithm? The way of presenting your information and working on your website is known to search engine. The ranking of your website can be affected if it does not meet the required standards.

  3. Some factors that are external

    The ranking can be affected by some external factors also. If your competitor’s web page is considered more authoritative by the search engine just because he has updated his content then it can affect your ranking. It is possible that their sites are adjusted by them quite frequently. The same keywords may be targeted by a new competitor.

Methods of identifying the reason behind the drop in rankings

  1. Use of various tools

    The changes that occur in your website can be monitored with the help of a lot of tools. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are used for giving you details about traffic. Why is organic traffic decreasing? By answering this question, you can find the reason for drops in ranking.

    If you have an idea about your competitors then you can put their URLs in a tool known as SEMrush. By doing this you can get the information about the keywords targeted by them.

  2. By doing competitor research

    You have to find the keywords and the content used by your competitors. The time when the ranking of your competitors dropped must be known to you. If it matches with the time when your ranking dropped then it clearly indicates that the ranking of your competitors as well as yours have been affected because of the update in the algorithm of Google.

  3. By looking at main keywords

    The main keywords that you have used must be viewed by you so that you can find the reason behind the drops in ranking. Google will consider the page of your website as less relevant if its content has been changed or large volume keywords have been used by you. You have to ensure that the same keyword is not targeted by a lot of pages. It can hurt the rankings of these pages because these pages will compete against each other.

How can the issue be fixed?

Once the problem is identified, it’s the time to fix it. The page title as well as the content should have those keywords that have to be used for ranking. The information and length of the content should be similar in the updated content also.

Every year you have to do the competitor research 2 times. If the competitors have changed something in their content then you will be informed of this. This will help you in keeping your position better than your competitors.

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