Impact Of Social Media Marketing On Your Business in 2021

To what extent can a company’s active presence on Social Media Marketing have an impact on its growth? Is advertising on social media use and can its impact be?

  • Which companies can make the most of their active engagement in social media?
  • Do companies need their own Social Media Marketing specialists or is outsourcing more effective?

Ksenia Pavlenko, Head of PRoK Analytics Studio:

Today, we see that more and more companies are choosing social networks as a channel for communication with their target audience. The question is increasingly being urge in the business world. “What is it: fashion or necessity, without which the company simply cannot survive?

We are sure that any tool necessary for the development of a company can be a fad but at the same time, a clear positioning strategy and a defined content plan can make SMM promotion an effective tool to promote a company. It should be noted that social media promotion is not the only effective two-way communication tool that keeps you in constant touch with consumers, partners, investors, etc.

Social Media Marketing Promotion Tools

A number of SMM promotion tools can become an effective way to promote a business, goods, or services to the masses. However, it is worth mentioning that SMM promotion is not just advertising a service or goods.

SMM promotion allows you to better reach the target audience for your business. Establish quality communication with the public You tell the consumer about yourself . They can get immediate feedback that helps you understand what the consumer wants from you.

SMM promotion, therefore, allows you to turn “quantity into quality”, because thanks to social networks, it has become much easier to position yourself and your company. It is possible to address the desired target group much faster than in real life.

In order to successfully implement your company’s Social Media Company, you need to determine the purpose of your social media presence. For example, a 2016 study by The State of Social found that 85% of companies use Social Media Marketing to improve brand awareness.

54% use social media platforms to generate leads and support customers. Often the goal is also to drive traffic to the site. An overview of the audience and page statistics will allow you to determine the exact number of visitors who arrived at your site via social media.

It is suppose that the popularity of social networks as customer service platforms will increase in the business world. After all, it is clear to all business people that good customer service can lead to increased revenue, higher user satisfaction, and brand loyalty. It is also important to know that social networks can be use to attract the attention of journalists in order to increase the number of brand mentions in the media. After all, no one has canceled “good old-fashioned public relations”.

As for advertising on social networks, the statistics of the financial results of the group confirm the trend, the growth of advertising expenditure on the Internet – the growth rate is at least 20% per quarter. Social media statistics show that over 2 million advertisers regularly use Facebook to promote their business.

The problem is now global: the US Association of National Advertisers and White Ops estimates that advertisers lose over $7 billion a year to bots. It is also pointed out that “most ad fraud occurs in programmatic advertising, where ads are acquire in an automated commerce system.

This is why progressive advertising agencies place trackers on their ads that allow them to price only quality samples. This saves their clients money and contributes to more effective advertising campaigns.

This is why large agencies sometimes have dozens of team members who ensure that ads are seen by real people and not by robots.

Analysts also use a range of specialized programs to measure the results of advertising campaigns and identify the most effective channels to attract customers in the most reliable way.

Presence Strategies Social Media Marketing

While an in-house specialist can manage social media pages. It is sometimes necessary to outsource advertising efforts to a professional agency to reduce advertising costs. In general, companies’ social media presence strategies vary depending on the stage of development and the perception of the audience. So it’s necessary to use the full range of PR tools to let the public know you’re out there.”

Anastasia Kosenko, Head of Public Relations at Puzzle English:

A company’s active presence on social media is more of a bet on the company’s image. Customer loyalty, and brand awareness. Therefore, the number of active ads will not increase much in the short term.

Exceptions are special promotions and discounts. But these events cannot be organized on a regular basis. It should also be taken into account that a company’s activity is perceived on average by only 2% of its subscribers. Not all of the 2% are focus on buying a particular product. As for targeted advertising, its payback period is also very conditional. People are more likely to click on a recommended link out of curiosity than to buy something.

Companies whose content/product is conventionally free will benefit more from Social Media Marketing. As a team member, I think an employee performs well when they are all fired up for their company’s cause. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to achieve when outsourcing.

Entrepreneurship is an important part of the business world. If you want to delight your subscribers with a product, you have to delight yourself.

In this context, companies must necessarily be divid into large and small companies. Because their objectives on social networks are fundamentally different. SMM can help solve many problems, but small companies prioritize their sales and carefully calculate their expenses and revenues. It is now fashionable to sell a variety of goods and services on Instagram (designer clothes, cosmetics, manicures, etc.).

Have To Delight Yourself With Social Media Marketing

There are simple advertising services that can recoup their investment many times over. Let’s say an Instaplus targeted mass following program costs 300 rubles for 7 days: Your account automatically starts adding interesting users to your friends (up to 800 people per day) based on behavioral targeting – for example, those who like competitors.

If we assume that at least once a day, 1 in 800 people order something from you for 1000 rubles, then the investment will pay off 23 times for the week! A large company, on the other hand, can afford to measure the benefits not only in terms of money but also in terms of reach and media value.

The larger the company, the more difficult it usually is to find an effective distribution channel. Therefore, international brands focus on building a positive image and promoting indirect/delayed sales.

Social media has the widest range of tools and can meet almost any challenge imaginable. Therefore, every business – from the neighborhood café to the heavy equipment dealer – should give SMM the attention it deserves.

On a global scale, the companies that win are the ones that judiciously assess their audience and tailor their targeting. For example, all Vkontakte users will read about the iPhone 7 Plus “Black Onyx”, de-zine its photos, but they are unlikely to rush out and buy it immediately. After all, not all subscribers have sufficient purchasing power (unfortunately).

On the other hand, Burger King, which recently made a lot of noise on social networks. Their aggressive and extravagant advertising strategy with the constant introduction of memes and new burgers every time stimulated waves of sales in the restaurants. In this case, the share of customers is much higher because 200 rubles to donate. Join the trend is ready not only for fast food fans but sometimes even for HAWKERS.

Ideally, a company should have its own SMM specialist. Who coordinates the work of the Social Media Marketing team (it can be an agency or a group of freelancers). In other words, social media should no longer be an “add-on” for a PR employee. Who takes care of the company’s pages in his or her spare time.

At the same time, SMM teams have a serious competitor: services specialized in working with Social Media Marketing. Such a strategy is developed on the basis of a study of the national SMM market. In addition, this service has a design-builder to create avatars, covers, and illustrations for articles based on templates. (Without the designer or Photoshop).

This means that the subject of SMM strategy. The community design (at least for newcomers to social networking) is done with a few clicks. Of course, nothing can replace human work. Especially in media planning or developing an integrated brand presence on social networks. But the precedent of third-party services is very interesting.

Natalia Novikova, Brand Manager, Bespalov & Partners Consulting Group:

There is no doubt that the internet is a great platform to communicate with the public. The internet is fast, interactive and, with the right approach, has a positive impact on brand loyalty. With Social Media Marketing, you can really get the public involved in the ‘kitchen’ of the business and show interest in what is happening in your company.

Nimax is a good example of this. In 2016, the company moved into a new office to suit their needs and captured. The whole process of the agency’s move and expansion online. In an almost live broadcast, they gave useful advice. To explain the consequences of successful and unsuccessful decisions, and were thus truly followed and emulated. Internal company achievements (geographical expansion, opening of a new branch, new directions, increase in staff, record turnover, etc.) are in principle excellent opportunities for news. However, you should be aware that these publications are just empty. Theatres if you do not have a quality audience on your pages.

When it comes to targeted advertising on social networks. The advertising campaign will only pay off with a competent approach .Before you go ahead and allocate the necessary budget for RK, you need to conduct a field study to see how your competitors look on the field. How your potential customers behave in the network, etc.

The return on investment can be thought-out using analytics services and UTM tags. This is useful if the company produces goods or offers services that should be pay out for online.

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