Indulge in the Beauty Tradition of Rajasthan with Jaisalmer Tour Packages

By definition, Jaisalmer refers to “the Hill Fort of Jaisal.” Due to the hue, it receives from the yellow sandstone used for building; the desert town is also renowned as the Golden city. Jaisalmer, which is located in the middle of the Thar Desert, is one of the few large cities in Rajasthan that is most close to the Pakistan-India border. Since its glory as a significant settlement along the old camel-train route that crisscrossed India and Central Asia, Jaisalmer has progressed a long way. With Jaisalmer tour packages, you can appreciate the exquisite wood- and stone-carved buildings and structures that showcase the Rajputs’ passion for the artwork.

How can one Explore Jaisalmer’s Tradition?

The different forts, temples, and palaces of Jaisalmer resemble Indian architecture. With Jaisalmer tour packages, you may take advantage of the outstanding ornamental work on the pillars, ceilings, and walls of historical sites that showcases the skilled workmanship of the town’s early artisans. The Jaisalmer Desert Festival offers both residents and visitors the opportunity to experience the distinctive folk cultures of history. The many religious and socio-cultural celebrations held in Jaisalmer, which are undertaken with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, are a reflection of the lively and exciting way of life of the town’s indigenous residents. You may learn about Jaisalmer’s traditions by visiting its amazing locations.

Jaisalmer Fort: Visit the Jaisalmer Fort as one of your first activities in Jaisalmer. There are no guards inside, closing or opening hours, and a laid-back environment. Normally, a fort would be overrun with tourists, guards, permits, and administration; however, this appears more like a neighborhood. Although it didn’t seem like shopping was among the most popular pastimes in Jaisalmer, there are exquisite crafts and textiles produced in Jaisalmer that are available for purchase all over India. With Jaisalmer tour packages, you may have a private city sightseeing tour that will take you to all of the top Havelis and provide you with a thorough tour from within.

Gadisar Lake: Exterior Jaisalmer, in Rajasthan’s hot desert, is where you’ll find the breathtaking Gadisar Lake. In the midst of a desert, it looks like an oasis. In the medieval era, Rajasthan’s dry areas had no canals, irrigation facilities, or other contemporary methods of supplying water. Raja Rawal Jaisal established this reservoir while taking into account the needs of their fellow citizens. The lake, which is next to Jaisalmer’s fort, provides a straightforward diversion from the hot, dry desert environment. Especially when the eastern skyline is blood red and the sun is rising, casting its rays on the upper floors of Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake gives stunning views of the lake and the nearby fort, which you can experience with Jaisalmer tour packages.

Nathaml Ki Haveli: The Nathmal ki Haveli is an elaborate building in the center of Jaisalmer, sometimes referred to as the land of the Golden Fort. Every visitor has the opportunity to observe the magnificent exteriors flowing with sculptures and the genius work of the Haveli, with two elephants made of limestone protecting the entry. The Jaisalmer fort’s architecture and sculptures are largely made of yellow sandstone, as the name would imply. With exclusive Jaisalmer tour packages, you may completely explore the magnificent legacy of this location.

Amar Sagar Lake: An oasis may be found next to Amar Singh’s palace at the Amar Sagar lake. It is situated outside of Jaisalmer city, next to the 17th-century fortress. The palace complex has a variety of wells, ponds, and chhatris and was constructed in the shape of apartments. These wells were allegedly built by prostitutes, according to legend. The five-story haveli is renowned for its elaborate paintings despite being constructed in an apartment-like arrangement. There is a beautifully sculpted Jain temple at the further end of the lake that takes pride in its exquisite construction from Jaisalmer stones.

Sam Sand Dunes: These smooth sand dunes are one of the most well-liked day trips from Jaisalmer, and they are situated 41 kilometers from the central town. One of the most breathtaking images that the human vision can view is that they are dispersed over a 2-kilometer area. The mood here abruptly shifts from late afternoon to dark. It stops being a wonderful, lonely location and instead turns into a huge, opulent carnival with food, games, and excitement everywhere. If you desire to explore the desert atmosphere fully while taking Jaisalmer tour packages, stay at one of the numerous tent resorts near the dunes.


The city is filled with exciting and beautiful sights, making it a must-visit location for tourists traveling to India. Jaisalmer tour packages provide you the opportunity to explore the town’s stunning forts, the endlessly beautiful Thar Desert, its rich heritage and culture, its heavenly lakes, and much more.

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