Install An Electric Water Heater

Faulty, worn out or simply too old, changing your water heater can improve comfort and reduce your energy costs. Provided you get help because of the heavyweight of the water heater, you can easily replace it yourself.

Expanded, Equipment and Accessories for a Water Heater

Before installing your water heater, find out how the water flows through the device and its various equipment:

And here is the positioning of the main equipment and accessories of the water heater

  1. The pressure relief valve
  2. The security group
  3. The siphon and its drain pipe
  4. The expansion tank
  5. The dielectric insulating fitting
  6. The temperature limiter or thermostatic mixer

The pressure relief valve

If the pressure of the “cold water” network exceeds 3 bars (300 kPa), the pressure limiter will prevent damage to your water heater by reducing this excess pressure.

The security group

The safety group is compulsory equipment for all-electric storage water heaters. It protects the water heater from overpressure caused by the expansion of water during its rise in temperature (pressure and volume of water). Its lifespan is around 5 years.


Remember to activate the safety group every month, letting a little water run out to check that it is working properly.

  • Stainless steel safety group or standard safety group (brass)

The standard brass safety group is inexpensive and easy to use. On the other hand, it is sensitive to corrosion. You should, therefore, avoid choosing it if your water is very hard or very hard.

The stainless steel safety group is recommended if your water is very hard or very aggressive, there is no risk of corrosion. Its cleaning must be entrusted to a professional.

  • Angled safety group or straight safety group

The angled safety group is suitable for water heaters whose connections are located on the side.

The right safety group is suitable for vertical water heaters and certain horizontal models.

Change a security group

The siphon and its drain pipe

The security group is equipped with a siphon and a drain. At the end of the regulation of the water pressure at the level of the safety group, they make it possible to recover and evacuate the surplus water that the pipes cannot contain. The siphon and the drain pipe are also essential for the occasional emptying of the water heater.

The expansion tank

The sanitary expansion tank is not compulsory equipment but it is strongly advised if you want to reduce the wear of the safety group as well as to save water and energy. It effectively minimizes the volume of water lost via the safety group by absorbing the pressure increase created during the heating cycle. The water is thus collected in the expansion tank and then reinjected into the circuit instead of flowing through the siphon and the discharge pipe.

The right info

The capacity of the expansion tank depends on that of your water heater.

  • For a 100 to 150 liter tank, count an 8-liter expansion tank.
  • For a 150 to 200 liter tank, count an 11-liter expansion tank.
  • For a 200 to 300 liter tank, count a 25-liter expansion tank.

The dielectric insulating fitting

To avoid corrosion by an electrolysis phenomenon due to contact between different metals, it is desirable to install a dielectric insulating connection between the tubing of the tank and the safety group, as well as at the hot water outlet of the tank.

The temperature limiter or thermostatic mixer

  1. It is a safety device that prevents the risk of burns by limiting the temperature of the domestic hot water to 50 ° C at the draw-off points. It is mandatory for new, heavy renovations or to supply a hot water network with PER. This accessory adds cold water to the hot water leaving the cumulus to limit the temperature of the water leaving the taps to 50 ° C.

The tripod

  1. The use of a tripod ensures the stability of your water heater, in addition to the wall mounting. It is essential if you plan to fix your water heater on a plasterboard partition. It is highly recommended for 300-liter tanks.

The day-night contactor for electrical storage systems

  1. The day/night switch allows you to save money by triggering your water heater during off-peak hours. However, it requires a compatible electrical subscription. Note that the contactor can also be connected to an old installation.

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