Is it possible to move in abroad with a CCJ?

It has been 8 months since my wedding, and due to COVID outbreak and then lockdown imposed, we have not gone on our honeymoon and my wife, and I are desperate for this journey. Like everyone’s life, honeymoon must have been memorable for our life, and the things must be apprehended as per our desires.

There were many plans which we put forward before each other to where we would enjoy our honeymoon. Things went opposite our desires, and we had to cancel all the plans due to the spread of the deadly infection. We are in-person relationship with the combination of melancholy and blissful moments by the time.

We were already waiting for the moment to make memorable newly married days abroad, but a new kind of bad news was still waiting for us. It was CCJ against me, and I had no source to get it cleared before marriage.

All I want to get resettled with the loan repayment but wedding celebrations had already consumed so many savings, and I did not tell anyone about this. Not even to my parents and wife. Being a single child of my parents, living under nominal circumstances, I used to manage all my stuff.

The problem of handling alone

I had to manage all my efforts to study and little ransom for job placement as it was required to spend some money to get a massive offer for a job. I even bear all expenses of my marriage by own, and I had no helper with whom I could share my conditions of losing money in my life.

Though I was earning enough money from my job and little more form incentives, the whole part of the income was getting spent on household expenses and saving for my wedding. Since, my entire savings were also blown into the air and now then, no one could help me out.

I had no options except borrowings from my fast friend. He is much qualified, and due to his ostensible hard work, he got a liveable placement in a reputed firm under a big company. I dropped in no if and no but, and took money from him to fulfil the most significant purpose of my life.

Wedding is the even in a person’s life, whether a man or a woman to make the best part of life.  I had to take money from my fast friend with a promise to repay him after two salaries of my own. It was not written, but the transactions were made through online platforms and saved for the entire life as a record.

The reckless attitude

After my wedding with my old-time girlfriend, I forgot everything as I had married the fairy of my dreams in the first one month and it was hard to believe that. I had no idea of repaying my friend his money that he lent me one month before.

I had spent the first salary after my wedding on household articles because my wife was remaking my house according to her lifestyle. She changes all old articles and accessories of the house with new ones. I was not aware of all these expenses made by my wife.

Every day, I got to see a new thing or accessory in my house and never asked my wife about the purchase. It had been over two months, and I had to counter my friend’s phone call, the very next day of my salary.

He asked me for the repayment as of now, he was too needy, and repayment was my utter obligation. I had no words as the third-month salary after the wedding was also held in credit by the bank, and I had justify with no money. This was happened due to the frequent shopping habits of my wife.

I requested him to impart me the grace period of one more month. He, unwillingly accepted but with a warning that I had to pay him the next salary. The days were not going well, and soon we came to the worldwide news of spreading an infection called Coronavirus in the world.

The government came into action and commanded to shut down all offices, and the stress was also imposed on my corporate company. My office seniors had to cooperate with the government in its decision and applied the same on them. I lost my job, and it has been much time, and I still have no job.

A ray of hope

Since that time, my friend had frequently been making calls, and I am helpless as I could not pay him off. Days have gone by, but my condition was the same, and there was no improvement. It all was going on the same streamline until I started reading an article mentioning direct lenders.

Problem solved with CCJ loans

I read about them, searched about them, and made out all information laid on their websites. My friend sued me with County Court Judgement(CCJ), and it was the central issue that preventing us from going abroad to enjoy our honeymoon. I gave the first preference to take help from direct lenders.

They helped me with CCJ loans, and these loans were proved to become very helpful that allowed me to stand by my wife socially without any hesitation.

Now, since things are changing and many outlooks view the things and take them positively. It is then appropriate to look for help rather than shrinking our happiness.

You need to learn about the help offered when you are stuck with CCJ type obstacles.

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