Islamic Beads Are a Must For Muslim Jewelry

Islamic beads have been used for centuries by the jewelry makers and tribal artisans of the Middle East. During the 7th century, they became a must-have item in Islamic societies. They were used as beautiful adornments to adorn the women’s dresses. These beads played an important role in beautifying the woman and keeping her away from the evil eye.

From that period till the early days of Islam, these beads formed an indispensable part of Muslim life. They were not only used in religious ceremonies but also for decorating the women’s attire. However, over time, with the changing interests and fashions, they started looking old and drab. In order to revive them, experts began using colored glass in their manufacturing process and discovered the extraordinary color changes that could be produced by using synthetic beads in place of natural ones.

Islamic beads are now available in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are intricately designed, while some are simple and understated. The bead’s form can be a flat, round, oval, square, diamond or even teardrop.

Among all the different types of Islamic beads, perhaps the most famous is the Islamic stone. It is known to be a rare and exquisite form of material, which was used during the early days of Islam. Beaded garments were considered to be very important during those times. Thus, Muslim women used to wear prayer beads made of natural stone to make themselves look stunning.

These beads are crafted out of numerous natural stones like sandstone, limestone, granite, quartzite, etc. But nowadays, synthetic stones are also used. They are made to resemble the original natural stone, but they are usually cheaper. The synthetic stones are more durable than the real ones, and they can last for years and decades before losing their luster. Moreover, they do not lose their color as much as the real ones.

Buy Online Tasbeeh Beads

There are many kinds of online tasbeeh that can be crafted using these stone materials. They include but not limited to: Symmetrical Dots, Waved Bars, Palmetto Rings, Gemstones, Dome Tops, and Hamsa Rings. These stones are also used for embellishing Islamic Jewelry. You can either use these beads as solid material or as complementary material with other kinds of metal jewelry. Muslim Women usually wear their jewelry on their heads.

In addition to the above-mentioned jewelry items, one can also purchase Islamic beads from stores that sell handmade Islamic jewelry. Most of these beads can be crafted with different kinds of semi-precious gemstones and semi-precious metals. And some of them are crafted using special glass-like beads. This is why, whenever a group of buyers decides to purchase these kinds of prayer beads, it is very important that they buy them from a store that sells high-quality jewelry made with the highest quality of semi-precious stones and metals.

Some of the most commonly used gemstones that are used in making Islamic beads are diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, moonstone, and tanzanite. Each of these gemstones has its own property, color, clarity and size. So when people come across a piece of jewelry that contains any of these beads, they know that it is an Islamic bead made using semi-precious gemstones.

The second type of jewelry that is used in making Islamic prayer beads is fabric. There are many kinds of fabric that can be used in order to make such beads. Among the most popular fabrics that are used in order to make such beads are cotton, silk, wool, and even nylon fibers. It should be noted that all of these kinds of fabrics can only be used as long as they are in the form of threads or thread strings. In other words, you cannot use cotton as an alternative to prayer beads.

The final type of jewelry that can be made from Islamic beads is metal. There are a variety of kinds of metal that can be used in order to make such prayer tasbeeh. Some of the most common types of metal that are used to make such prayer beads are yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. And there are even some people who use stainless steel as an alternative to metal. The price of these types of metal is generally higher than those of fabric or wood, but they are much more durable.

The most important thing in order to be able to make such Islamic jewelry is to buy the right tools. This is something that is not that difficult to achieve. And the best way to start making your own jewelry is to search the Internet for instructional videos and how-to guides. There is a lot of information available on the Internet that will guide you to make your own jewelry using Islamic beads. Once you have the right tools, you can start making your own jewelry and give your favorite Muslim brothers and sisters the opportunity to wear them during prayers or occasions.

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