Items that are harder to pack and move than you think

So, you are planning your relocation. You have made your moving checklist and started gathering packing materials for your belongings. Everything goes smoothly. However, we have to warn you that there are some items that are harder to pack and move than you think. For this reason, you should continue with your reading in order to see what you need to do with them. We hope that this information will be helpful to you when the time comes for moving those objects.

Pool tables are certainly the items that are harder to pack and move than you think

The first thing on our list is a pool table. This may seem simple for relocating at first, but make no mistake, it is no easy thing to pack this at all. For this reason, your table for pool should probably be handled by professionals. Today, you can search the internet in order to find a professional moving company that offers these services. But, do not hire the first company that you find. Before making the final decision, we strongly advise you to contact more companies and ask for their prices, services, and all the other things that may interest you regarding their way of working. And, do not forget to check if they have a license. Only in that way you can be certain that they are reliable people.

A ppol table as one of the items that are harder to pack and move than you think.
It is not an easy thing at all to pack and transport your pool table completely on your own.

Musical instruments

Moreover, musical instruments are also among the items that are harder to pack and move. We advise you to use their original packaging if you still have it, of course. You must be very careful when putting your violins in their boxes. Before you do that, you should consider wrapping it in some paper or a bubble pack. In that way, you would protect it from damage. If you have a piano, then you have to call professional movers for help. There is no way that you can pack and transport it completely on your own.

Paintings and sculptures

The next objects on our list are paintings, sculptures, and all types of works of art. Make no mistake as you have to be extremely careful when choosing your packing materials for these items. You must be sure that those materials will protect them from damage. If you happen to have their original boxes, use them. But, if that is not the case, you must provide big cardboard boxes for each of these items. Also, the bubble pack and papers are necessary. And, let’s not forget the tape. You would want to secure the boxes perfectly.

Aquariums are items that are harder to pack and move

Aquariums are extremely difficult things to move to another place. This is because they are usually very big and heavy. Also, fish are very sensitive and many of them cannot survive relocations. We advise you to move your fish into smaller containers. During your trip, you must be extremely careful with them. Make sure that they are not under stress because of bad conditions. Put their containers in a safe place so as not to disturb your fish too much. In that way, your fish will not have any physical injuries and will be perfectly fine when you arrive at your new house.

A clown fish at a fish tank.
Relocating your aquarium can be the most difficult thing when it comes to transporting your belongings.


The next in this list is furniture. Many furniture items are bulky and very difficult to transport anywhere. You should not try to move them on your own. Yes, we know that that may seem easy at first, but we assure you that it is not. Many people who tried to lift their heavy furniture items on their own later had health problems and serious back pain. For this reason, you should call your neighbors for help. Also, we advise you to hire moving experts and make the whole process simple and less stressful.

A living room full of items that are harder to pack and move than you think.
Big and heavy furniture items are extremely difficult for relocating and you should find some help with that.

Grandfather clocks are items that are harder to pack and relocate

If you have a grandfather clock in your house and you want to relocate it, that can be very difficult. You cannot do anything without some help. You are aware of how big and heavy this item is. Therefore, hiring professional movers to help you with this is the only right solution. If you try to move it on your own, you will face the back pain or worse later when the relocation comes to an end.

Breakable items

All breakable items that you possess can be very hard to pack and move. This includes all your objects made of glass and ceramics. In order to pack them safely, you need to find cardboard boxes that are suitable for them. Also, you will need a lot of paper, bubble pack, and tape. First, you need to wrap them in a bubble pack. Then, you should put the bigger ones on the bottom of the box. After you do this, you should put the extra paper in all holes and put some kitchen towels on them. When the box is full, make sure to add more paper to the top. Finally, you should close the box and seal it with tape. And, do not forget to label it with “fragile”. In that way, people who carry it will be careful when lifting it and putting it down. If you do this, they will be safe from breaking and damaging during transportation to your new place.

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