Japan’s Forest Therapy is Avoiding Stress

Stress that we all have to face, whether it is due to our jobs or family life, the drama of friends, problems in relationships, or financial reasons.  Although a little stress is good for you, which motivates you to grow physically and mentally, excessive and chronic stress is harmful.

Prolonged stress causes headaches and other health problems caused by stress that limit your work at your workplace, at school, and can cause disruption in your relationships.  Instead of letting stress dominate your life, adopt some methods of stress management so that you can deal with stress before you endanger your health and avoid future stress.

Japan’s Forest Therapy

Stress is a big issue for the world today.  According to doctors, stress is the root of all diseases.  The more you stay away from it, the better.  But, the new era of living has made all of us a slave to stress.  People have started eating different types of medicines to remain stress-free.

 Some people are meditating and some are doing yoga, but the people of Japan are going to the shelter of nature to get stress free.  Forest therapy is being given in the forests to relieve people from stress here.  Forest guide and therapist Tasyoshi Masuzawa says that Japan’s capital Tokyo has both the mantra and the treasure to stay away from stress and get closer to nature.  Tokyo is beautifully beautiful.

 Forest Therapy

There is a cure for every disease in the forests here.  Many types of herbs are available here.  Their taste may be bitter, but they have the power to eliminate the disease from the root.  The use of these herbs are coming into the formation of the different type of medicine. Forming stage free many people come from Japan in the Forest of Tokyo.

 Office employees come in more numbers in the Forest of Tokyo more than. other people. There are about 62 therapy societies in the jungles of Eure Japan, which help people here.  Under Isotherapy, people take deep breaths in the open air, meditate.  Percussion-clapping, too, Ttheyoshi Masuzawa says that if you wake up in the morning and only hear.

the chirping of the birds, it also works like a therapy

   On trees in the morning.  When the birds make noise, it seems that they are talking among themselves.  These things entertain the heart of humans and relieve stress.  This way of the Japanese to keep themselves healthy, they made headlines worldwide in medical science, These forests have also become the center of attraction for those doing research.

They also say that there is a drug to reduce stress and control blood pressure in these forests.  Professor Takahide of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.  Akagawa says that these forests have the power to control the hormones causing stress in the air.  Also, the therapy done here is anti-aging.  That is, you will also be prolonged with forest therapy.  Do not check email after office.  Be Happy. Stressful thinking.

Be aware because stress starts with our thinking.

Your body responds very effectively to dangerous events, which induces a fight or run-away reaction that allows you to jump out of the car on the way and come out.  This reaction allows you to save your life, due to this your heart becomes very full of blood, the pulse becomes faster and the muscles  Not become tense. You must learn to counter your body’s stress response so that you can ‘brake on it and relax your body. Laughter is a best medicine. If you are stressed or paralyzed, it may seem a little difficult to laugh, but  The inclusion of humor in your life will be more effective.

Watch your favorite comedy program, watch funny videos on YouTube or sit with your humorous friends.  Miscreants and laughs start releasing stress-releasing hormones in your brain which will make you feel good immediately.

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