Keep In Mind Before Organizing A Theme-Based Wedding

The job of a wedding planner is not an easy one, they indeed have to do a lot of research to organize a theme-based wedding. There are certain essential characteristics which are important to keep in mind before you work on a theme. A ‘theme’ essentially connotes a certain pattern or mood in the process, it can be a colour, a film, a place or even the weather. You are required to keep in mind that every little detail in the wedding will be theme-based, example, the cutlery used by the guests to the flowers arranged near the stage to the clothes of the waiter carrying trays, every single aspect of the wedding should speak of the theme it is decorated in. A planner is expected to keep in mind that no place or object goes out of sync with the theme.

A smart wedding planner will have a precise Indian wedding idea, they will dive deep into the theme and do a little research to be sure of what he or she is planning so that on the wedding day the bride and the groom and the guests are pleased to have been to such a flamboyant and well-decorated wedding. It should be something that appeals to people and stays with them forever, after all, it’s a wedding and weddings are meant to be remembered!

Written below are a few easy to follow tips for wedding planners to keep in mind before performing theme-based weddings.

8 Tips For a Theme-Based Wedding

  1. Knowledge of the theme

Before you proceed towards organizing a theme-based wedding it is very important to know what you will be working with. You have to be very familiar with the theme you are about to set up. To be on the safe side, it is always advised to do deep research on the theme you are about to put on display. For example, if your theme is a film, you need to know the whereabouts of the film, its history, its representation, its cinematic brilliance, the message it sends out to people, all the costumes and backdrop used in the film.

It is expected of you to keep all of this delicate information on your fingertips before you go ahead and plan on investing in materials. Setting up the stage for flowers, for the photo booth that should be very well versed with the theme you are about to put up. There will be people amongst the guests who might be familiar with the film, people notice details and even a little bit of carelessness can lead to a casual judgement. Keep safe from such remarks and plan carefully.

Knowledge of the theme

  1. Idea of space

Another very significant aspect of putting up a theme-based wedding is the knowledge of the space. Before you invest in materials, it is advised to visit the location in which the wedding is about to happen. It happens so often that the space allocated to the planners does not always coincide with the elaborate theme they have planned to infuse on the wedding ground.

To avoid such type of overlapping, it is always advised to the wedding planners to visit the location one week prior to the wedding or even before and make a rough sketch of the entire place you are about to decorate. This way you already have a well-sorted plan to go ahead with, avoiding all kinds of inconvenience and miscommunication in future.

Idea of space

  1. Organize a group

Since we are talking about weddings, it is very important to have a well-sorted and well-formulated plan to decorate your place. Firstly, it is important to appoint a few trustworthy and knowledgeable people for certain delicate setups. For example, you can appoint a food connoisseur to accordingly sort out the food items which go hand in hand with your theme.

For the flowers, you can arrange for a florist who has a good knowledge of flowers and who understands which flowers will suit your chosen theme. For stage decoration and photo booths, you can choose a person who is quirky in their work and has the ability to come up with creative ideas for photo booth props. You need separate departments allocated to several people to avoid any kind of a mess, also to uniformly distribute the jobs and not have any extra pressure for the job.

  1. Prioritise comfort

No matter what your chosen theme is, you have to keep in mind that comfort should be the priority. Weddings are such occasions where everybody wants to relax and be happy with the atmosphere created for them. Be careful with your layout, such as the choice of your chairs, your cutlery, the decoration in places, the reception of guests, everything should talk of the theme as well as serve for the comfort of the guests. No decoration or planning should go out of sync with the comfort of the bride and groom or their families. Keep it subtle yet jingly, grand yet cosy. Not too hippy-dippy yet not too sombre. Just very wedding-ly!

  1. Install a Photobooth

The most in-trend decoration for weddings is the installation of a photo booth! Nowadays the photo booth is the centre of attraction for all wedding-goers. This is the hot spot where all photography takes place. Therefore you need to put more focus on the decoration of a photo booth because this part of your planning needs to be done with utmost care as it will gather the crowd and people will vouch for playful props.

Yes, you heard it right. The most attention-seeking and favourite part of the wedding is its Photobooth. An attractive photo booth with a variety of props and space to pose in! The entire purpose of decking upon weddings is to get yourselves clicked in the funkiest of pictures in the craziest of poses!

You can choose to create cut-outs of moustaches or wands or crowns or hold cut-outs of readings like “#sistersquad” or “#teambride” or “MereBrotherkiDulhan” or create your own funky dialogues depending upon the kind of equation you share with the bride and the groom. You can even create cartoon-like images of the bride and the groom or certain eccentric members of the family if it not offensive to anyone and seems okay. You can such props as face masks and get funky pictures clicked for yourselves!

You can also design placards or banners of sorts saying “I am here for the free beer” or “I hope I am looking handsome” just to cheer up the mood and lighten the surrounding with soft and harmless jokes.


  1. Pocket-friendly

If the budget allocated to you is not very fancy or grand, do not worry my friend we have arrangements for that too! All you need to do is have a solid plan for each step you take, keep in mind that all your resources will come with a juicy price, therefore, it is advised to invest wisely and not buy material/resources in bulk.

Be very concise and clear in your vision, use all of your props wisely and go for cheap stuff if it is not directly connected to your theme. For example, the choice of curtains, dessert in the food section, lightings et cetera. You can always cut from one portion of the budget and add it someplace else where the theme needs a ‘hello’. It is important to invest wisely, do not waste your resources and make a detailed receipt of all your expenses.

  1. Explain your theme

If you are the sole planner of the theme-based wedding and the bride and groom are aloof from your concept of a theme wedding, it is your duty to explain to them how theme-based weddings work and how they are to accommodate within the theme.

It is important for them to know every detail of the wedding so that their dresses, jewellery, shoes, the guests’ clothes and every little thing that adds to the wedding is theme-based. If the bride and groom do not follow the colour palette put up by you, the whole purpose of the theme falls flat and they might look out of place in their own wedding. Therefore, it is important that you let them know about each of your steps and ask them to prepare themselves and their families accordingly to gel well with the theme.

  1. Appoint a band

Nothing sets the mood for a wedding or a party without some groovy music. Here, you can make music your instrument to propagate your idea of the theme. For example, if your theme is a film, you can ask the band members to play all the songs from that specific film or if it is a culture-based theme, you can request the band members to put up some music from that specific culture or if your wedding is a colour-themed, then wedding depending upon the tone of the chosen colour you can request the artist to formulate a list of songs which go hand in hand with the chosen colour.

The presence of a band will not only uplift the whole mood of the wedding but also add to your theme. You can let the band members know beforehand of the theme so that on the wedding day they plan something cohesive and quirky to offer to your guests. A little music will go a long way for you!

Appoint a band

So these are few of the essential tips that you need to keep in mind before adding beauty to the bride and groom’s life. If you do closely follow all the points and details mentioned above, there is no chance that the bride and groom and the guests will dislike your presentation. It will skyrocket in the market of wedding planners and will fetch you more of such plans in future.

 Be careful with all the steps you take, be timely, be organized and most importantly, be creative! In your process other than following the steps mentioned above, you can also choose to prepare your own list of ideas and executions to match the vision of your theme-based wedding. You see these are only a few guidelines to prevent you from making small mistakes in the process, you can always have more space and a platform for your creativity to bloom. Till then happy planning to you!

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