Keep Your Kidney Healthy With Regular Care

The increasing rate of kidney diseases in today’s world makes it necessary to discuss their causes and treatments now. Due to this severe disease, in order to give more information in the field of the kidney, to keep it healthy and to raise the awareness of the people, World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of March every year all over the world, this time on 12 March. Kidney disease is very important to discuss because it is constantly increasing day by day. Every year, on this theme, this day has been given as “Kidney Health for Every One Everywhere”.

This time, Dr. Asim Thamba, a nephrologist of Wockhard Hospitals, says that this disease is increasing every year, our effort in this is that this disease can be prevented by having non-communicable diseases and taking little care. Poor and middle-class people have to go through a lot of problems due to kidney disease in our country because the cost of treating this disease is high. In this, dialysis and kidney transplantation are special, which have to be done if the kidney fails. This is mostly done in chronic kidney disease stage 5, in which the kidney stops functioning completely.

What are the main reasons behind kidney failure?

Diabetes and blood pressure are the main causes of this disease in India. Apart from this, kidney stones, taking drugs unnecessarily, taking painkillers, etc. are many. Due to which the kidneys continue to deteriorate. Being able to stop it will reduce costs and a person can avoid many problems. Everyone needs to pay more attention to prevention because it is a silent disease and in the beginning, no one can know anything. When only 20 percent of the kidney is left, then only its symptoms are seen. It is better to cure this disease in the initial stages by following a good lifestyle and eating food.

Most probably you can see the following symptoms:

    • Swelling of feet and face.
    • Inability to eat food.
    • Stair breathing.
    • Anemia.
    • Feeling hard to work.
  • Frequent urination etc. at night.

Dialysis or transplant can be avoided if it is noticed initially.

Further, Dr. Aseem says that there are many types of its prevention that can be taken into consideration.

Primary Prevention- In the primary, stopping it from the onset of kidney disease.

Secondary Prevention-  Early detection and treatment in secondary, so that disease does not increase,

Tertiary Prevention- In the case of a disease in the tertiary, it has to be treated properly and avoid its complications.

Most important points: you should know to save yourself from kidney diseases

1- Every person must do exercise on a regular basis. You can do any exercise you love most and you are comfortable with it. I recommend Yoga because I do it regularly and get enjoyed while doing this. I always feel so energetic and calm after doing yoga practices.

2- Never stop urination, by stopping the urine again and again, the elasticity of the urine bladder is lost, which affects the kidney.

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3- Must include protein, carbohydrates, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. in a healthy and balanced diet. Always try to include seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet. These are very healthy to include and increase your immunity power.

4- You can also opt for another medium such as herbal, natural, ayurvedic and organic products. A good range of hydrosol and essential oil are available in the market that helps your body to get diet benefits. But take care of a few things while buying whether products are 100% organic or not.

Hence, if you give some attention to your health issues in the initial stages, then you can save yourself from kidney diseases. Proper diet schedules and exercises are very important for one to protect themselves from many diseases.

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