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Any mishappening or hazard or theft situation doesn’t come with an invitation. Recently theft or robberies have increased. In that case, home security is very much essential and should be everybody’s topmost priority. Door locks are an essential element of home security. They provide safety and security which no other tool can provide. They help in keeping the home and the work place safe and also provides privacy.

Home is a place where we find safety and security, so making your home a secure place in real terms is very essential. Protecting your personal items is also essential. There are many valuable items present in house. Door locks are the only option to secure the house from outside invasion.

Door locks have been invented to increase home security. Controlling the front door of the house is the most important. Insecurity is the main issue in today’s time; therefore door locks are the need of modern times. There are two types of door lock – one is the traditional door lock and the other is the modern door lock.

Types Of Door Lock

Types Of Door Lock

Traditional door locks can further be subdivided into following types:

  • Knob locks – It is the most common type of lock. The lock is located in the knob instead of the door.
  • Cam locks – A cam lock is a type of fastener mainly used in cabinet construction. Most of the cam locks are cylindrical. These locks require a key in order to be opened.
  • Deadbolts – This type of lock provides protection against robbery. It comes with a unique lock mechanism that resists physical attack.
  • Padlocks – Padlocks are portable. Unlike other door locks, they are not permanently attached to the door.
  • Mortise locks – Mortise locks are powerful locks for the external door. It comprises of an internal system that makes them more like a lockset.

One of the prime reason for prioritizing the home security is the increasing number of criminal activities. And that is why home security is very much essential. In recent times smart locks have been invented and are preferred over traditional locks as they provide top notch security.

Home is also a place where people store their private information. There are locks that provide automated control and are best suited for this purpose. These automated door locks are termed as modern locks.

Modern Door Locks Can Further Be Subdivided Into Following Types:

  • Biometric locks – Biometric locks are gaining importance these days because it is very convenient and allows access only by either scanning your eye or fingerprint. No unauthorized person can open this lock. You don’t need to carry a key, because access is allowed only with eye scan or fingerprint scan that is unique for every person on this earth.
  • Keypad locks – A keypad lock is unlocked by using a PIN. If needed, the PIN can be changed at any point of time by the authorized person.
  • Smart locks – Smart locks use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to operate. They allow greater access control over a particular place. They have remote control feature as well.

Each work place is unique. No matter whether it is a small company or a large one, running a business is not a piece of cake and security is one of the most essential element of any business.  In most work places, electronic door locks are used as they provide better security than traditional locks. While looking for door locks remember to keep in mind the following points:

  • Access – It is important to keep in mind how many people will need access to the locks.
  • People entering and leaving – Before purchasing door locks, it is important to consider who will be entering and leaving the office premises.
  • Management – The team that manages the access area must be taken into account while purchasing door locks.
  • Different access for different individuals – If different access is required for different individuals, then door locks should be installed accordingly.

There are many companies that rely on electronic door locks but many still depend on traditional door locks for security purposes. Keyless locks are best suited for large enterprises. It can help to protect the business from burglary.


For a sense of security and protection against intruders, door locks are necessary. They are also reliable and provides peace of mind. Due to increasing criminal activities in the recent times, door locks are a must have. Financial losses or any other kind of mishap can be avoided to a great extent with the use of door locks.

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