Kurtis Suitable For School And College

Kurtis are a versatile garment that are the Indian alternative to western shirts and blouses. It acts as common topwear for young girls and women who want an outfit that combines the best of both worlds, western and traditional. Comfortable enough to wear the entire day, and still look ethnic enough to be called a local dress. Kurtis are a common sight at schools and colleges where most girls find this garment the perfect requirements for their busy study lives.

What makes this garment triumph over all the other competitors? The reason is simply that when it comes to comfort, there is no garment that can compare to the desirable properties of the kurti. In addition to this, style is a key aspect when it comes to the popularity of the kurti especially amongst students. Branded wholesale kurtis are an in-thing and are definitely worth considering as a daily wear.

5 worthy kurtis for school and college

  1.  Printed kurti with plain palazzo pants

     If you are a stylist and need to be sporting the latest designs 365 days a year, you should definitely have a dozen or so pairs of palazzo pants.

    Printed kurti with plain palazzo pants

    There is no doubt that this trend stunned the fashion market, but there is another big fish out there, the printed kurti market is a huge success story and it remains the most common style of kurti that is top-grossing.

    Patterns and images are printed onto the fabric by a machine on which the design can be digitally selected from the wide range of pre-existing ones.

  2. Plain kurti and jeans

     It is expected that for school and college girls, they will be looking for a topwear that creates a suitable look when paired up with jeans. For this reason, they are always on the lookout for kurtis that fit more into the western theme than the alternate traditional scene that will be more seen when attending a traditional function.Plain kurti and jeans

    A great option has been found in the form of plain single colored kurtis that feature no design whatsoever and can even pass as western wear due to their modern shapes and cuts. This is why they are doing well on the market and can be worn by girls of all ages and body shapes.

    White kurtis and blue jeans make for an unforgettable pairing, or you can use another color, especially when there are color coordinated days happening at college and you need a quick outfit put together at the very last moment.

  3. Blazer and kurti.

    When attending school or college, there may be some occasions when you have to wear a blazer or a jacket over your outfit. The blazer is usually paired up with formal clothing, so how will this item be made to look good with ethnic clothes?Blazer and kurti

    I will tell you how a blazer or a short jacket can be made to match with your outfit, carefully choosing the color so that it matches the overall color scheme. Also, the greatest feature of the jacket is that it acts as a fashion accessory and can be made to enhance a look even more if the kurti is plain and simple.

  4. Frock/Gown style kurti

     As the name suggests, gown style kurtis have the general appearance of a western dress or a one-piece, that said it is flowy and fits very loosely on the body. If you are tired of the regular outfits that are tight-fitting and do not offer much comfort for all-day wearing.FrockGown style kurti

    These kind of kurtis are a breeze to wear as they are comfortable, but at the same time they come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and designs that will give you many options for every day of the week (as we knowing to stay fashionable at college is a must) It acts as an easy, throw it together outfit for any stressful days.

  5. Anarkali kurtis

    Anarkali kurtis are an all-purpose garment that has found use in every aspect of a women’s life and this is simply because they are flexible enough to fit the brief of any requirement. Whether it is a low key event like a casual day at school that requires a classic looking dress or whether it is an auspicious occasion such as an annual day at college that requires a blingy, pretty dress that is worthy for the photographs.Anarkali kurtis

    They may feature some printed designs and are therefore the easiest clothing to match up, all you need is a plain bottom wear such as jeans, skirt, or even palazzo pants in a neutral color.

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With so many appealing options to choose from, there is no reason for any girl attending school or college to be underdressed or confused as to what to wear every day. Each of these kurti pairings is cultural and stylish enough to be worn. You are free to mix and match to create your own outfit.

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