Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid For Newly Laid Sod Grass

There is a specific time for everything to be installed properly and if you start the work without its completion the many problems can occur. In the same way you have to wait for the sod grass to be installed accurately and good maintenance is essential.

The Overall Climate Of Atlanta City

In order to properly maintain the lawn with the Atlanta Sod; you have to understand the climate of the area. The weather of Atlanta is subtropical which means that it is humid during the summer and cold in winter.

Atlanta Sod Grass Best For The Region

There is a variety of sod grass that can be laid in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. As the area experiences rainfall as well as drought; it is best to choose from the following ones;

  1. Bermudagrass
  2. Tall Fescue
  3. Zoysia and its other species
  4. Augustine
  5. Centipedegrass

Avoid These Maintenance Mistakes

Although all of the above-mentioned grass and some others as well need very little maintenance; but when these Atlanta Sod grasses are laid they need your full attention. You can create schedules of weekly maintenance. You need to focus on the following points as well.

Not Waiting For The Sod To Grip The Ground

It takes at least 2 to 3 weeks for the sod to grip to the ground. Many people make a mistake of not waiting for that long and starting their routine on the sod grass. This definitely ruins the development and causes damage.

Don’t Mow The Grass Quickly

Every sod grass has its own specific maximum height and the mowing has to be done accordingly. The average maximum height of sod grass is 3 inches. It is important to wait for the sod to reach it. You can ask the sod dealers including Atlanta Sod Farms for proper mowing techniques.

The Blades Are Sharp And Of Good Quality

After the sod grass is properly established; for the weeks to come caring is essential. Before you start mowing the grass make it a point to check the blades whether they are sharp or not. The bad quality blades will ruin the freshly laid sod.

Not Giving Enough Water

One of the new sod problems is that water is extremely necessary and not giving enough water will damage the grass and decrease the rate of growth. During the establishment period daily watering is a must.

Selecting The Wrong Time To Water

The best time to water the newly installed sod grass is between 12 AM to AM. During this time the sun is still rising and not at its peak. Experts have warned to avoid watering in the full sun.

Applying Fertilizer More Than Recommended

During the preparation of the ground; fertilizers are applied so that the nutrients go deep into the ground. This will allow the roots to go deep and get nourishments. But after that it is required only twice a year.

Allowing Foot Traffic on The Sod Grass

A major mistake that people make is not restricting foot traffic on the Atlanta Sod grass when it is in the phase when it is properly getting hold of the ground. This will slow down the process of appropriate growth and ruin the grass.

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