Major Warnings That Your Car Battery Requires Replacement

Car battery purpose is to produce electric current to power not only the engine but electrical parts of the car. There will be a time where you have to do car battery replacement service as the average life of a battery lasts up to 4 to 5 years. It doesn’t last long due to extreme weather conditions such as cold, snow, scorching heat etc. Heat rises it evaporates the water in the battery increases the speed of corrosion in the car battery. Similarly, when hot weather turns cold, the battery needs to generate ample energy to start the car was it seems difficult in this condition.

Rash driving or taking short trips to a grocery shop or even to a mall can also dull the battery life, it takes a massive push of electricity to start the car. A car sitting in a garage for an extended period can drain the battery. A battery fully charged lasts longer than a semi-charged one. It takes 8 hours of constant driving for the alternator to fully recharge the battery. Even with regular maintenance, the battery cannot be repaired needs to be changed. Here are indications that your car battery’s life came to an end and it needs to be replaced:-

  • Engine Taking Time To Start

In few years car battery starts to wear out and when you attempt to start the car either it will take the time or doesn’t even flinch. Weak batteries couldn’t produce sufficient power to start the engine. Even after jump-starting, your battery remains dead then it’s time to replace the battery.

  • Electrical Issues And Faint Light

Battery powers all the electrical components in the car from lights to radio to the charging point in your car. If the battery starts to lose charge then it will be tough to run in full power. While starting the car the dash lights would either flicker or be fainter than usual which means there is a problem with the car battery.

  • Check Engine

When the engine suddenly gets turned on while started the ignition that means there is a problem in the battery which is either undercharged or faulty. A weak battery cannot send the right amount of electricity to the car components. In this situation changing the car battery is necessary to protect the car engine.

  • Pungent Smell

The rotten smell under the car hood means the battery is leaking or emitting the gas. It needs to be check as soon as possible, sulphuric acid could be troubling for other electrical parts in the car.

  • Bloated Battery Case

Extreme heat and cold can cause a chemical reaction within the battery which leads to a bloated battery case. If the battery is not in its rectangular shape that means it is time for replacement.

  • Low Fluid Level

A liquid floating inside the battery is water and sulphuric acid. A battery with a low fluid level can dim the lights, alternator or battery flickering in the car.

  • Corrosion in Battery

White ashy substances on the metal part of the battery mean that it is getting corroded. If corrosion takes place in negative and positive metal connections can lead to serious high voltage problem in the car. A lot of rust on battery terminals shows that the car battery is running low.

The performance of car batteries can be measured in Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). In modern cars come up with a battery warning light when the battery is low. The cost of car batteries depends upon their model and the car you own. Keep these indications in mind while driving the car and take it to your nearest car mechanic for car battery replacement.

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