Most Powerful Health Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the top fruits with high antioxidants and potassium and vitamin C. no wonder it is one of the top choices of doctors for a healthy heart. Blueberries can be used in both fresh and frozen state without any impact on their value for a human body.

Blueberries come in the super food category due to immense benefits to users. As a king of antioxidants, blueberries are one fruits that actually fights ageing effects on body and mind.  The daily consumption keeps several lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart issues, and memory loss at bay.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

Let us get some details on the benefits of blueberries.

Protection from free radicals

The high antioxidants content of the blueberries fights cell damaging free radicals. The antioxidant levels are highest in blueberries among all fruits and green vegetables. The highest concentration is found in skin of blueberries. The biggest health benefits comes anthocyanins, a type of flavonoids.

Immunity booster

Oregon State University in the United States revealed that pterostilbene in blueberries boost immune system.  The fruit raises a gene called human cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide. The CAMP gene plays a key role in body’s first line of defense by increasing the ability to combat bacterial infection.  The flavonoids in blueberries act as anti-inflammatory agent to keep common colds and cough away.

Improve heart conditions

The high level of antioxidants in blueberries checks cholesterol level blood vessels.  Studies have shown that blueberries prevent clogging in blood vessels and keep the passage clear for improved blood vessels. It puts less stain on heart. A male who is facing blood restrictions can get a smooth blood circulation in the body. The intake of blueberries will also lower the need for high dose Sildenafil citrate 200mg, which is prescribed for severe erectile issue.

Boost brain health

A study found that blueberries with rich compound of flavonoids reduce risk of Parkinson diseases by almost 40 %. Slow memory loss associated with ageing process is also slowed by lowering the oxidative stress in nerve cells. Cognitive decline and memory loss that happen naturally is stopped with regular consumption of blueberries.

Check blood sugar levels

Blueberries help males with diabetes and insulin resistance issues. Blueberries regular sugar level, as they are low on GI value, glycemic index. The check on sugar level can be maintained with blueberry juice as well.

The study results of obese males with insulin resistance showed that their insulin resistance was improved with regular eating of blueberry. It cuts the risk of diabetes in males and females as well. In males, it checks the risk of erectile issue as diabetes is one of the major causes behind erection difficulty in mid aged males.

Clean the gut with fiber of blueberries

Vitamins especially vitamin C and minerals, low sugar content are other benefits of blueberries. The bioactive compounds negate any impact even from this small sugar content.  Digestion gets a big boost from the dietary fiber of blueberries. With improved digestion, immune health also gets a boost.

Blueberries help males with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in males which makes them difficult for them to get an erection. The problem is lack of blood circulation in the pelvic area. The antioxidants in blueberries are considered good for blood vessels. The anthocyanin in blueberries protects blood vessels from damage. The blood vessels remain flexible with regular consumption of blueberries.

Anthocyanin, on the other hand, stimulates nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood circulation towards the pelvic area. Health care experts recommend regular consumption of blueberries to cure mild to moderate erectile issues.  Males who are on healthy diet that contains blueberries, reduces his dependency on Levitra 40 mg a higher dose for severe erection issues.

Get faster recovery from an intense physical activity

Fatigue and soreness are two major side effects of strenuous exercises. The local inflammation and oxidation in muscle tissues leads to fatigue. Blueberries reduce the damage at molecular level. The fruit cuts the risk of soreness and improve muscle performance.  Some athletes had showed improved performance after strenuous leg exercises.

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Blueberries are super food. The single fruit improve heart function, lowers blood pressure, clears blood passages and prevents cells damage. The best part is that sugar content is very low and benefits remain same in both fresh blueberries and frozen state.

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