Most Typical Dental Problem You Have To Deal With

Dental problem are quite common yet annoying. Luckily there are proven treatments by which these can be prevented completely. Apart from that, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle and practice good oral care habits daily to stay away from dental problem.

It includes regular dental checkups, balanced diet, daily flossing and brushing. This blog has entailed some common oral problems in details along with their causes and prevention. So, read on to know them.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is embarrassing as well. Persistence of halitosis (bad breath) is the clear indication of any underlying oral infection. Some of them are bacterial infection on tongue, dry mouth, oral cancer, cavities and gum disease. It can be only masked with the help of mouthwash. In case of chronic condition, a dentist consultation at a clinic of dental hygiene in London is a must for you!

Tooth Decay

Cavities, as it is commonly known is another common oral problem affecting a large number of people. It results from the occurrence of plaque which forms from the stuck food particles and sticky substances on the teeth. These combine with starches and sugars present in the food and release acid for invading the tooth enamel.

Cavities can occur to the people of any age excluding the kids. Cavities will get the much-needed depth once the enamel erodes completely. Certain medications and dry mouth with aging heighten the chance of formation of cavities. The risk of tooth decay can be reduced by avoiding sweetish drinks and snacks.

You should consume healthy foods all the time for a better oral health and further recommended treatments from your dentist can assist you to combat against it.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Also called periodontal disease, gum disease is the infection that affects the gums around the teeth. It is regarded as the key guilt of tooth loss in adults. Even periodontal disease is linked with heart disease as well. Every person is susceptible to gum disease but it emerges only after 30 years of age.

Smoking is the potential risk factor along with dry mouth and diabetes. Once there is gum disease, you will start experiencing painful chewing, sensitive teeth, bleeding, tender, swollen and red gums and bad breath.

Periodontitis and gingivitis are severe and later phases of gum diseases resulting in deterioration of overall oral health. Hence you should floss and brush at least once and twice a day respectively to protect your mouth from this tedious disease.

Oral Cancer

One of the deadly and most severe oral problems which affect a majority of population is oral cancer. Although it has the potential to kill people yet it can be cured in the initial stage. It is mostly noticed in the people about 40 years of age. Chewing to tobacco, smoking and consumption of alcohol are the significant risk factors of this disease.

It gets triggered to a great extent with HPV (sexually transferred wart disease). Scattered rough spots, lumps and sores are common symptoms of throat and mouth cancer. Even after the emergence of cancer, you will find it difficult to move your jaw and tongue and to chew and bite.

Frequent visit to the dentist at a fixed interval of time can detect the oral cancer in its early stage. Accordingly, screening will be done for diagnosis and administration of proper treatment.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be of numerous types and mostly they are troublesome and pesky. Sometimes it appears and diminishes on its own. But if it persists for about 2-week then it is a matter of concern. Canker sores (aphthous ulcers) are actually regular mouth sores which don’t emerge on lips but into the mouth.

Although these are non-contagious yet get triggered by a number of factors. You should visit a dentist if these are there for about 2 weeks as it can be cold sores or fever blisters which emerge due to the attack of Herpes simplex virus. Usually it will appear on the edges of the lips outside of the mouth.

Not only these are contagious but also non-curable and thereby it will appear and dissolve frequently.  The people with candidiasis or oral thrush also experience mouth sores. This yeast infection is very common in people with cancer and diabetes, denture wearers and infants.

Tooth Erosion

If you lose the tooth structure due to invasion of acid in the enamel then it is represented as tooth erosion. A few severe dental problem like cracking and high sensitivity are the warning signs of this issue. As it is the most usual dental problem one can easily prevent the teeth from it by practising proper oral care regimen.

Tooth Sensitivity

Maims of millions from all over the world are actually affected by tooth sensitivity. It involves an atypical sensation (especially discomfort and pain) in the teeth whenever it gets subjected to certain cold and hot foods and beverages. Even discomfort can be experienced during flossing and brushing at the same time.

Fortunately, it is treatable and you can be prevented from it. Tooth sensitivity can also result from abscessed and cracked tooth as well which need to be accounted as early as possible. Otherwise, there is a high probability of jaw bone infection and significant tooth loss.

Dental Emergencies and Toothaches

Certain dental emergencies and toothaches can be easily dealt with frequent visits to the dentist. However, accidents do happen anytime leading to terribly painful dental emergency. At that point of time, immediate dental appointment is what you need the most. Such case is occurrence of knocked out teeth, abscessed tooth, cracked and broken tooth due to an accident.

Unattractive Smile

Literally, dental problem doesn’t refer to a non-impressive smile. It is just because people are really concerned about it which is why they immediately visit to a dentist for restoring their teeth and display wonderful smile. Basically, it declines the self-esteem level of the individual but thanks to these days’ technologies that allow everyone to have an impressive smile.

A wide range of treatments are there starting from cosmetic dental works to orthodontics and from dental implants to teeth straightening in making your dream of having a beautiful smile comes true.

So, these are usual oral problem you may suffer from any point of time. Remember you have to address as early as possible. Otherwise, they will become severe leading to the emergence of any numerous other complexities. You can also visit Dental Hygienist London for regular checkups to ensure a good oral health in the long run.

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