Palm Jumeirah in Detail! – The Best Lifestyle in Dubai

A few phrases that are used to describe the Palm are that it is the eighth wonder of the world and it is the largest project in Dubai that is man-made. It is a paradise and an icon on the map of Dubai. It is known as The Palm, which is called so by the beloved residents in the area. Living here is worth an experience because it embodies the essence of luxury in a waterfront lifestyle. If you are planning on moving into this iconic, multipurpose development, you should be aware of the pros and cons of this area, before making a decision. So, is living here your cup of tea or not?

Everything You Need To Know About Palm Jumeirah

The brains behind the development, Nakheel, is a part of a bigger series of archipelago developments as well, which will be called the Palm Islands. It will comprise of a 2km long trunk, seventeen fronds, a crescent that would surround it. The development of Palm Jumeirah takes up a gorgeous shape of a Palm Tree. Clarifying why it is named so It is located just opposite Al Sufouh Road, as soon as you enter Dubai Marina. It is home to some of the best beachfront properties in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

Residing in The Palm Jumeirah has an experience of its own, an opulence you will find nowhere else. Whether you are a young professional worker, who looks forward towards living in a metropolitan city or a person who would want to live in a villa with his family. There is a variety of residential areas that are on sale, which promise a waterfront living and access to the best amenities and facilities. They consist of posh apartments, spacious villas, which are set when it comes to suburban lifestyles. You will find an ideal home here for sure. The Palm is also one of the top areas to rent in, in Dubai.

Benefits of Living In Palm Jumeirah

Surely you must be wondering what else is good about The Palm other than the properties that are available. What are the advantages of living here despite all the facilities? Let us take a look at what else makes this man-made island so special.

Palm Jumeirah Has Beautiful Views Of The Waterfront

The residential houses of The Palm have beautiful views of the waterfront

Considering every other benefit, this is one of the best when it comes to the best things about living in The Palm Jumeirah.

Since the location is an island, the properties of Palm Jumeirah offer its residents ocean views that are breathtaking, in a setting that provides direct access to the beach as well. Many of the apartments are high rise buildings with direct access to the beach. It also means that all the people living here will get to enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean and the skylines of Dubai.

Most of the villas on palm Jumeirah have a private access to the beach. So, if you are a water person who loves listening to the shores at all times and love crashing there, this is place is the one for you to live in. You should definitely consider it. The complexes also come with beach accesses. But what is better than walking in a backyard that has direct access to the beach. Apart from the beautiful views of the ocean, this development is far away from the busy city life and the chaos that it brings with it. Living here is incredibly peaceful and it is perfect for anyone who prefers staying away from noises for the bigger developments.

Life here is full of ease. If you are living here, you will be free of worrying about things like long commutes to stores or even a doctor. The Palm Jumeirah has nurseries, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants and a lot more. It is a city of its to be precise.

High Budget Lifestyle

Since you will be residing in a development, which is one of the most prestigious in Dubai, you should expect to pay a lot of money for it. The rent of this area is higher as compared to the other areas of Dubai. But you will get an exclusive lifestyle here, which won’t be like anything before.

So here, you have everything that you need to know about The Palm if you are considering moving here. Although there are a few cons of living here, the benefits of living here top all of them enabling people to consider living here.

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