Parenting Travel Guide: 6 Secrets You Can Avoid Kids’ Tantrums and Meltdowns On Vacation

sEvery family looks forward to their next vacation. If you’re a parent, we’re sure that life can be pretty busy and hectic; you tend to forget to enjoy the chance to reconnect and create wonderful memories together as a family. We’re sure that you are longing for a break from the challenges of daily life. However, changing the daily routine can interrupt the kids and cause them to have tantrums and meltdowns. We’re not only referring to the toddlers but also to kids of any age that can also have tantrums on vacation and so are you.

So how can you avoid having those tantrums and meltdowns? What you can do best is to prepare for your trip to prevent them from happening in the first place. Take note, there are some kids who are more sensitive than others, and this is fine.

6 Secrets to Avoid Kid’s Tantrums And Meltdowns On Vacation

There are kids who can still behave for hours and still be happy by just giving them ice cream. However, if your kids are the more typical type, here are some tips you can consider to avoid those tantrums and meltdowns on your family vacation:

  • Anticipate their needs immediately

It’s normal for children of ages 1 and 4 to have the tendency to entirely completely lose it when things don’t get their way, particularly if they’re restless, bored, or hungry when their greatest desire gets refused by you.

This is no secret! Your children have needs that should be met and satisfied. They should be given specific foods at specific times, enough amounts of sleep at particular times and time and space to get rid of that piled up toddler energy. Your vacation schedules will not always meet your kid’s unique requirements. A hungry, tired, or wired kid will most likely begin to cry and lose it in the hotel lobby, one of the best ways to prevent this is to expect your children’s needs and wants so they would feel physically contented.

  • Choose the best and suited travel times and dates

Tantrums And Meltdowns

Most of the time, getting the kids out too early turns out to be the worst thing you may do. It might be best to travel in the middle of the day, especially when flying. You may select the flight times that will let you get up at a good time and eat your needed breakfast before you go. But you must make sure that you still have time to get settled and have dinner before everyone gets hungry.

On the other hand, if you are driving, it would be sensible to spend some time on your trip. If you would like to avoid your kids from getting cranky and induce meltdowns, it would be better to make the drive part of your trip.

  • Bring snacks for flights

Since most airlines today don’t serve meals or ask for a fee for a limited supply of expensive snack packs, it’s best that you bring something. Bringing chicken nuggets would be a great idea on flights that flying through lunchtime. So feel free to bring plenty of snacks. However, there is something about lunch at lunchtime that is much better. You may try refrigerated or warm foods which are normally safe sitting out for 2 hours.

  • Don’t forget your kid’s tablets

vacation with kids

If you don’t have a tablet to have your kids occupied, you better wish that the plane has built-in entertainment. You’ll be set for the flight once your little one plugs in his or her headphones and start watching Disney movies. But if you’re riding an old plane, you might want to bring your kid’s favourite book when the battery dies. Meanwhile, if you’ll be driving for more than 2 hours and you don’t have built-in TVs, you can use portable DVD players for your kids.

  • Involve your kids when making choices

It’s not only about food and sleep, it’s also about having more choices than that. Your kids are in a developmental phase and it should have some control over their own lives. If you’re constantly dragging your kid along on a prearranged direction, it can definitely set up a tantrum bomb. You may want to provide some simple choices to release the tension and lessen the potential of having tantrums.

Although it’s not possible for your 3-year-old to decide between renting a car or riding a cab, or the location of the hotel accommodation, there are so many ways you can involve your child when it comes to smaller decisions. This can include the restaurant you will eat for lunch, choose between shopping for toys and visiting the zoo, beach or pool and other activities they can simply decide on.

  • Sometimes you just have to ignore it

Fun with kids

A lot of experienced parents know that to handle a tantrum in the best way is to simply ignore it. This may be difficult to practice in public, especially if there are other travellers around. But it does work for a couple of reasons:

A toddler who throws a tantrum wants the attention, all of your attention. The crazy thing is, giving your attention will only encourage them to work. But if you’re in a safe area, withholding your attention and even turning your back to walk away until the crying stops, can motivate further attempts at getting your whole attention by screaming.

In addition, you must understand that it’s normal for toddlers to have plenty of energy, and that type of energy can turn to anger, which is why they need to get it out. If they get to let the tantrum out in a natural way, it would be the best way to end it.

The method of ignoring may not be always easy while vacationing. It can be your worst nightmare, especially if you’re on an aeroplane. But you can work it out even if you are getting bare minimum evil looks from bystanders. You can inform your fellow passengers in a kind way why you’re ignoring your child and tell them that it will sooner. You might be shocked how a thought explanation can go a long way.

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