Peace Lily Plant: Benefits and Caring Tips in 2021

You can find the Peace Lily Plants in many households. In fact, it is among the few indoor flowering plants with which you can start your gardening journey. As it is a low-maintenance plant, you don’t need much knowledge and can start immediately after reading this blog. So let’s start with a little overview of the peace lily plant. 

About Peace Lily Plants

The scientific name of the peace lily plant is spathiphyllum and belongs to the family of Araceae. These are tropical, evergreen plants, and natively found in America and southeastern Asia. You’ll find the large leaves ranging from 12-65 cm long and 3-25 cm in breadth. It is a popular indoor houseplant and needs less water and sunlight. Humidity is a favorable environment for peace lily plants. 

Many people fear that the peace lily indoor plant is poisonous for them. Yes, that’s true. But this plant is mildly toxic and can be harmful to those who consumed it in large quantities. Consequently, it is advisable to keep the plants away from toddlers and pets. You can also hang them as a safety measure. 

While there are so many health benefits of peace lily plants and caring tips, which will give you a better and deeper understanding of these plants.

Caring Tips for Peace Lily Plants

Pot and Potting Mix

For the planting purpose, use a large pot and a good potting mix. In case you don’t know, peace lily plants can also grow in water. However, you need to keep in mind that the base of the plant is above the water so that the roots can grow easily. For that purpose, you can use an inserter or some pebbles and stones at the bottom. 

peace lily care


Now for caring, you know that peace lily flowers require low maintenance and don’t need much care. For sunlight, these indoor peace lily plants need low to mild sunlight and that too indirectly. So, try to keep your plant where it can get indirect sun rays. And, also it will be better if the place has some moisture. If you’re a beginner, then these smart plants will give you hints about its health and requirements. For instance, yellow leaves indicate that the plant is having too much light. The brown leaves are a sign which shows that it’s receiving too much direct sunlight.

Watering the Peace Lily Plant

For watering, the most important point is that don’t do over-watering. Now, how to check when to water a peace lily flower? So, this plant requires moist soil and can tolerate some dryness also. So try to keep the soil moist and water the plant once a week. However, this schedule is not compulsory and the soil should be checked before watering. Also, don’t use chlorinated water for the plant. If you over-water the plant, then also the leaves will turn brown, indicating to you about the excess water.

Now, as previously stated, this plant needs a humid environment and so choose its spot wisely. Also, it doesn’t like the cold weather. If you’re using fertilizer for the plants, then use it 2-3 times a year. That is sufficient for its growth and requirement.

Benefits of Peace Lily Plants

peace lily benefits

Natural Air Purifier

The air inside is as polluted as it is outside our homes. We can’t do much about the outdoors, but we can do a lot inside. While keeping indoors, peace lily plants act as a natural purifier. Don’t believe us, but it is proven by one of the NASA experiments. Based on the experiment, this plant can absorb harmful chemicals like benzene, carbon monoxide, xylene, etc. Thus, releasing cleaner air for us to breathe.

Low Maintenance

We can’t stretch this anymore, you already know that peace lily plants are easy to grow and maintain. If you’re new to gardening, you can try these peace lily plants. Whether it’s lighting or watering, you know, this plant is tolerant and will give you hints in case of any issue. Due to its low maintenance, people widely use it as an indoor flowering plant and you can use it too.

Improves Sleep

Peace lily plants can help in various ways to make you sleep better. Firstly, they purify the air that results in inhaling cleaner air. Secondly, the existence of this plant in a room and its aesthetic look spreads peacefulness and calmness. This makes our minds relaxed and relieves stress and anxiety. Moreover, another health benefit of the peace lily plant is its ability to absorb mold spores from the air that can cause irritations in the eye, throat, and skin, cough, etc. Combining all these leads to better sleep. 

Nice Fit for Home Decor

Till now, you’ve studied so many health benefits of the peace lily plant. Moreover, people also use it to decorate their homes. These large dark green leaves with white color flowers provide an eye-catching look. Keeping in mind its lighting and temperature requirements, you can place it in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, etc.


This is a short brief about peace lily plants, how to take care of them, and their benefits. You might have known about this plant before, but there are few chances about those health benefits of peace lily plants. In case you’re wondering about having a lily plant, then make sure to remember the peace lily care tips.

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