Photo Editing Is A Creative Art Used in Ecommerce for Enhancing Product Images

The photography profession is an art by which one can create an image of some individual, object, or anything else more attractive than his or her actual appearance. Photography doesn’t just refer to capturing a picture of someone or something in a camera but modifying it creatively. It is called photo editing or retouching. Traditionally, a paintbrush method is used to alter a photo print. This method has become outdated in an era of digital technology.

Photo editing

High-quality, high-resolution digital cameras are extensively used in professional photography scenario in contemporary time. Modern methods of photo editing are entirely different from traditional editing. Images captured in modern digital cameras are not enhanced in a manual way. Current methods of photo editing make use of a computer system and editing software installed for this task.

There is not a single software you can use for photo editing. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing software in use. Besides, there are many others, such as Adobe Lightroom, Canva, Capture One, PicMonkey, Corel PaintShop Pro 2020, Skylum Aurora HDR, and Skylum Luminar. Photo editing using software is the task of technology-savvy professionals.

A technology expert professional photographer can give an entirely new look to the image captured in his digital camera. The primary difference between traditional and modern methods of photo editing is that a photo print is edited manually in the former. Still, a photo is edited before with software before printing in the latter.

Photo editing in eCommerce

Editing is done for most images captured in digital cameras. Photo retouching is also editing or altering of image for its final preparation that is most used for eCommerce product photo editing. Retouching is the polishing of an image for the final presentation. In retouching, a professional photographer typically makes small localized adjustments to an image after globalized adjustments, like color correction.

Experienced photographers or editing experts do photo retouching tasks. Color correction service includes brightness, contrast, shadow, exposure, white balance, and other editing services. Photo Retouching Service includes image editing beginning with culling and cropping, format converting.

Essentiality of photo editing for eCommerce

Product photo is highly significant for eCommerce marketing. An engaging product image can fetch for traffic on an eCommerce site. Thus, an eCommerce company tries to present an enhanced image of the product. Photo editing plays a significant role to make the product image more presentable for engaging more audiences. Let’s learn a few reasons for the essentiality of product photo editing for eCommerce business.

• The powerful language of photographs expresses more than a written text; an image illustrates more detail than what you can read about a product. Images are thus an essential element of branding. Editing makes product images more dependable. By enhanced product photos, the eCommerce website earns a high reputation and more returns from increased sales.

• High-quality product images increase the performance of the eCommerce business. High-quality product photos draw the customer’s confidence and trust in the company’s products.

• When eye-catching product photos draw more customers, many of them also purchase products. It increases the sales, revenues, and eventually profits.

• Product picture is the first impression of the online shoppers in the eCommerce business. Customers like to see what they intend to purchase. High-quality product photos create an irresistible desire in the customer’s mind for buying the product. A customer gets more knowledge about the product by viewing its elegant picture that depicts its minute detail.

• Customizing the size and format of the product photos is necessary for different platforms because of their variable features. Photo editing service is useful for making the product pictures well suited for select platforms.

Photo editing styles and photo masking

Photo editing is a vast process. Photo editing sometimes requires the removal of the background. There are ten photo editing styles – Clean Editing, Cross-Processed, Damaged Film Look, Dark and Moody, HDR, High Contrast, Matte Finish, Mid-Contrast Black and White, Vintage Film, and Warm Black and White. Clean editing style is the most basic style for making a photo look nearly natural.

Different styles are applied for varied types of photos. More depends on the eCommerce client. Photo editing sometimes requires revealing some portions of the photograph but hiding some other parts. It is called image masking. It is a type of manipulation a photography expert does for an image. A photography professional uses software, like Photoshop, for masking a portion of the picture.

It is a type of non-destructive image editing process that doesn’t destroy the originality of a photograph. An image masking service provides mainly three types of masking.

Layer Masking

It changes the visibility of an image by making a portion of it entirely or partially visible.

Clipping Mask

Clipping mask uses one layer to determine the transparency or visibility of another layer.

Alpha Channel Masking

It is a bit complicated method of image masking than the first two methods. In this method, different approaches are required for different images. It is more time-consuming.

Masking has the benefit of non-destruction of an image.

• A professional can hide and show a portion of an image;
• He can also modify an area of the image;
• He can remove or replace the background of translucent objects.

A masking expert views an image from the perspective of its minute details, and masks each small item as per the demand of the client. Masking requires a high skill of photo editing, but it makes an image more presentable than standard editing.

Wrap up

The eCommerce industry has greatly benefitted from the use of photo editing technology. Photo editing software can present the best of an image by making all changes required for its presentation for the customers. Photo editing is a detailed process that includes photo retouching, photo masking, and background removal. What illustration you view of a product on an e-commerce website is the enhanced part of an image that attracts your attention, and compels you to buy a product. It is a trump card e-commerce companies play on their sites to lure customers for their products. Photography is an art, and photo editing is more a creative art to give the image a new style.

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